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You will have several different options pulling at you – what matters isn’t how you operate when you’re on auto-pilot but how you do in times of stress. Your character will bear up when the going gets tough – or your cowardice will show through. Which will it be?


When it all becomes too much, find your zen zone. Everyone needs a way to zone out so that it all doesn’t become too much. Whether it’s sitting in a cool theater, watching reruns of ‘70s sitcoms or jogging on the beach – once you find it, go there.


You will have to find other people to depend on when someone you knew and loved lets you down. You can’t trust everyone in this world. It’s filled with good and bad people. You have to be smarter about who you let in. You’re precious and deserve protecting.


You feel a lot of anger towards someone and you’re not sure how or if you should express it. You will have to reinvent the wheel in re-arranging your life if you truly want to have a stress free lifestyle. But a little bit of stress powers the engine and isn’t going to kill you.


Your leadership is going to be of the utmost importance this week as those who depend on you will look to you for guidance. Everyone is going to be a bit confused and out of sorts and they will seek out someone who appears to know where they’re going. Even if you don’t know, your support will be appreciated.


You’ll be feeling some confusion and melancholy about the past – are you able to let go of it? We have to continually reinvent our present because it will never be our past. When you look back, it is always with fondness because you will never remember what was too hard to think about.


You feel lonely and want to reach out. It’s going to be about thinking outside the box – what you can’t stand will eventually be out of your life or it will make you miserable. You will be disappointed and irritated. But eventually, your waves will calm.


Sooner or later the truth will out. It wants to be free. It doesn’t want to live in a cage. You want to come clean but you’re deeply afraid of the end-result. You must let go of the past in order to live in truth today. You’ll have to dig deeper to find this. It’s not on the surface.


You have to grit your teeth, face your fears and grin and bear it. That means putting up with heartache and pain for the greater good. This is a week about learning to live with that which you can’t have. It’s about accepting things as they are and not trying to make them what they aren’t.


You feel endless amounts of frustration – and even if it’s not being expressed overtly, it’s being expressed covertly and it’s going to destroy your health unless you do something about it. Even if you’re not sure what the right thing to do is, the body doesn’t lie.


You feel the need to go through all of the stages of grief but you’re stuck on one – and it’s a tough knot that won’t easily be released. You need to do some soul-searching to find out why – but you won’t be able to figure it out alone, probably – something will have to trigger it. No worries, you’ll be right as rain by summer’s end.

PiscesKeep an open mind when someone offers you a business incentive – you are in the right place to advance yourself forward in this world. Don’t discount what will make you richer just because you’ll lose some freedom. It isn’t all about you.

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