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A journey forward brings you back where you started.  You look forward to new and fruitful opportunities that will require you to put on a new face and demeanor – you’ll be making it up from here on out. 



Try as you might, it’s impossible to help everyone you’d like to help.  You can lend your knowledge, expertise, experience but, in the end, everyone makes a choice to stand tall or take a fall; unfortunately, they have to do it on their own. 



Bring your own tidbit to the conversation and move beyond being a mere listener. Face up to the responsibility of what you started long ago.  You may not be able to live through something headed your way – situate yourself near the chicken exit just in case. 



You’ll be hitting the extremes over the weekend, highs and lows.  You won’t be able to enjoy yourself until you’re on an even keel. You want to rewrite history and redo a whole bunch of mistakes.  It’s more advisable to own your mistakes.  Without them, you would be a lesser human being.



A brief but passionate interlude has you mixed up inside.  What do you want?  Are you happy?  You envision what might be but stop yourself.  Refocus your life toward wanting what you already have. The desire will pass and the only thing you can count on are the people who’ve stuck by you when the going got rough.



You seek not only the truth of your own life, but of those around you.  In your efforts to seek it out, you will encounter conflicts – people who don’t take kindly to revealing themselves.  The mystery is okay as long as all of your cards are on the table. You can get back what you’ve lost, but be prepared to accept that as a condition.



Give yourself enough time to prepare for what’s coming.  It’s a time for organization and teamwork.  If enough of you pull together you’ll make it happen.  At the same time, efforts to repair a sinking boat may be in vain.  Perhaps it’s time to cut your losses and move on to greener pastures elsewhere.  Never underestimate the power of goodbye.


What you have to give won’t be something money can buy.  What you have that’s most valuable is in your heart.  You’ll be dealing with levels of the external and the internal as you seek out your best self – the weekend will present a special challenge for you and someone you hope notices.



Heading right into that which you fear will free you, especially this week as you must wear many hats and will never seem to catch a break.  You can’t stop yourself from worry, however, though worrying won’t change your fate. 



You sometimes act impulsively without thinking things through to completion, hence, you end up stuck in a situation you can’t get out of.  And others must then bail you out in one way or another.  But hey, they like doing it so where’s the harm?  Plan ahead, you’ll never look back.



Coveting what others have is what advertising is based on – a sin nonetheless it will end in tears if you don’t keep it in check.  When you feel jealousy coming on, applaud the person you envy, say good for them! If you’re happy for them they will be happy back for you.


PiscesJust when you thought you couldn’t possibly feel more crazy, along comes a situation that thrusts you right back into the great unknown. Don’t forget that you have to work things out from the inside out, not the outside in – once you feel secure in what you need you can set about getting what you want.

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