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Santa Monica Organizations Awarded $115,000:

Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina announced the Los Angeles County Arts Commission’s $2,259,000 in grants to 199 nonprofit arts organizations for fiscal year 2005-6 on Tuesday, July 19.

14 arts organizations in Santa Monica received grants totaling $115,350.

Made through the county’s Organizational Grant Program (OGP), the grants underwrite visual and performing arts projects, strengthen infrastructure, and provide access to the arts for children and adults.

The grants program’s total allocation increased by 15% or $294,000 from 2004-5.

“The Board of Supervisors recognizes the fundamental role of arts in the quality of life of our Los Angeles County communities,” Board Chair Molina said, “I am especially proud that these grants fund projects that make the arts facilities accessible to all County residents and bring arts activity to neighborhood centers, parks and libraries.”

2005-6 is the first year grants have been made in a new category — organizations with budgets between $500,000 and $1.5 million. It was added to better serve the needs of organizations that anchor communities.

Feedback from various groups indicated that these organizations needed to focus resources on arts productions and artist employment. The 49 grantees in this category will use County funds to increase rehearsal time, commission new works, increase salaries, train artists and teachers, and host guest artists, among other activities.

OGP grants by Los Angeles County for 2005-06 broken down by size of organization: Small budget (under $100,000), 55 grants totaling $349,000; mid-size ($100,000-$500,000), 69 grants totaling $389,400; mid-size 2 ($500,000-$1,500,000), 49 grants totaling $681,500; and large budget (more than $1,500,000) – 26 grants totaling $839,100.

Grants to Santa Monica groups include: 18th Street Arts Complex, $11,700; Apollo Amused,$10,000; Aresis Ensemble dba City Garage, $4,000; California Lawyers for the Arts, $11,600; for Celebration Arts, $8,400; Dancessence, Inc., $5,100; Highways, Inc., $4,000; Los Angeles Chamber Ballet, $5,900;National Association of Latino Independent Producers, Inc., $14,240; P.S. Arts, #16,100; Santa Monica Museum of Art, $20,000; Santa Monica Symphony, $4,000; Santa Monica Theatre Guild, $4,800; and Virginia AvenueProject, $7,300.

The Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Laura Zucker, Executive Director, was established by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and is responsible for administering the County’s Arts Grant Program and supporting the Board’s commitment to arts and culture throughout the County.

The Arts Commission provides leadership in cultural services of all disciplines for the largest county in the United States, encompassing 88 municipalities.

In addition to its grant programs, the Arts Commission provides leadership and staffing to support the regional blueprint for arts education, Arts for All; funds the largest arts internship program in the country in conjunction with the Getty Foundation, programs the John Anson Ford Theatres and supports the Los Angeles County Cultural Calendar on

The Commission also produces free community programs, including the L.A. Holiday Celebration that is broadcast nationally, and a year-round music program that funds mores than 60 free concerts each year in public sites.The 2005-6 President of the Arts Commission is Hope Warschaw.

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