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22 Soldiers Died Last Week in Iraq:

22 US soldiers were killed last week in Iraq, bringing the total to 1,853 dead and 13,877 wounded.

1000 crosses were displayed at the Veterans’ for Peace Arlington West Memorial on he beach north of Santa Monica Pier on Sunday. White crosses represent one soldier, red crosses ten deaths, and blue crosses represent the current week’s death toll.

The field of crosses is is set up at 7:30 a.m. every Sunday, and removed at sunset. The crosses are stored under the pier during the week.

Volunteers are needed to help with this important but melancholy work. For information, contact

Steve Bowers, volunteer coordinator at 213 447 5424.In a related incident, 1000 crosses that were sent to Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas, this week were destroyed soon after they were set up.

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