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A variety of opinions will make you wonder whether or not you did the right thing regarding an ex. You have the right to refuse a gift if it comes at too high a price. Figure out an easier way to communicate with the person who pays you or supports you.


You have many roads you can take from this point. They will be clearly delineated and you won’t really know which one to take until you get there. But once there, you will feel great relief at having chosen the right one – even though it doesn’t matter which road you take. You will be making the right choice.


We all know the right way out of the maze we’ve created for ourselves. It’s important to get the big picture. Imagine where you want to be in a year’s time. What will you think when you look back on your life at this age? Wisdom is a blessing but it can be frustrating when no one listens.


You will seek advice from the right people but you will take advice from the wrong people because it matches what you think you want. Separate out what’s really in your best interest from what’s easiest. Some hard work early on will spare the harder work later.


You can’t fix everyone even though you wish you could. Magic powers aren’t a realistic option and at some point you have to figure, we all make our own destinies. We are responsible for our lives and the sooner we take responsibility for them the better. But you will get major heaven points for your kind heart.


You have good intentions but are going about them all the wrong way. You have a goal in mind but your steps to get there are muddy and unclear. You have to look past your current situation. Don’t let a problem mount up before things get out of hand and you have to give up entirely. Keep your eye on the ball.


You will want to lead with your brain but this is a time to let other organs do the thinking – listen to your gut and your heart – therein lies the truth for you. How easy it is to break free from those who remind you of your problems. But your problems will catch up to you eventually. You can’t cut them off, you have to work through them.


Find a support group to help you out with a certain problem that is holding you back time and time again. You feel yourself caught in a trap and with no will power. But you have to learn to discipline your own inner child – learn to say no and stick to it. We want what we shouldn’t have.


Give yourself credit for the great things you’ve done as often as you criticize yourself for having done the wrong thing. 25 percent of the time you screw up but the other 75 percent you are dead on target. How great is that? You can’t run from your greatness, try as you might. Be proud of who you are.


You deliver the goods when the chips are down but you are also still caught in a world of your own wants. Eventually you will paint yourself into a corner thinking you know best. You could do with the advice of someone who’s been there, done that. You can’t do it all nor should you.


You will come up against disagreements with your loved ones and you will want to make things right. But the family dynamic will prevent you from proceeding. You must respect it in order to stay a part of it. But if you feel it’s all messed up, get out. No one is holding you there. Fight against the desire to give up hope.

PiscesYou have worked things out to an acceptable degree but you have a tough road ahead. Think younger than you are. Remember what it felt like to be creatively hungry. Remember what it felt like to put it all on the line and take a risk. We tend to back off of risk-taking as we get older and that makes us think and feel stale.

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