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Plan for any type of sudden interruption over the weekend – it will take you a while to get back on familiar ground, but you’ll recover 100 percent. The time continues to be difficult with regard to family and it isn’t long before things reach a fever pitch. You’ll be better off confronting directly rather than passive-aggressively.


With shifting traumas in your daily life you have to be careful not to take on too much. You don’t have the equipment psychologically or emotionally to help everyone else out. You have to make sure your train is securely on its tracks before another attaches itself to you. Stay the course and remember that people know you are loyal no matter what.


It’s a time of transition, of deciding where you’re going to end up. People will fight your getting what you want most because they will all have their own hidden agendas. Some just plain don’t want to be bothered and they will talk you out of doing things simply because they are too lazy to help.


You worry that you are finding life, in general, very frustrating – and it’s seeming like everyone in your life just wants something from you. You don’t have the same kind of friends you used to have. Your path in life will take surprising turns and it won’t always go your way. Make the extra effort to connect.


You can’t control the will of others. You want to be generous but suddenly feel cheap; you want to be with lots of friends and family but suddenly decide you want to be alone. You want to go out in the world and live adventures but you decide not to, preferring instead to stay inside and relax. It’s a time for contradictions.


You give a little, get a little back and give more and get nothing back. You can look at it as a bad thing or you can look at it as a life-altering event. But you never have to worry about people overstepping their bounds as long as you have a good protective fence around you.


You will be working hard to get everything just right – and that includes perhaps being a bit too picky when it comes to your work. You will be looking for new and improved outlets for your creative energy – in matters of the heart, put the body first and the rest will follow.


There are situations beyond your control and though you have the desire for change you don’t always hit the right mark. It isn’t your fault that things never go exactly as planned – you’re into improvising – and there’s nothing wrong with that, is there? You have to give yourself a break now and again.


You have unfinished business with a good friend or family member and it’s growing and will become infected, if it’s not dredged up and dealt with. Honesty is the way to go, even if hurt feelings result. You don’t have the same effect on groups of people that you used to have – you need to reach deeper.


In a sense you have made your bed and now you must lie in it. Sure, you (and everyone else in this world) would love to have the cake and eat it too, but that’s not going to work this time. Unfortunately for you, you can’t pick and choose who must be involved in your life. It has already been determined.


You are baffled by an upcoming tip or gift or piece of advice. You want to think that it’s all good, no worries, but there are just too many complicating factors. There are different roads you can go down without fearing the intervention of the enemy within. You can sense when you’re right and when you’re wrong.

PiscesYou have to stick to your guns. You’ve been in this position before and you know you can’t turn back but have to forge ahead, as planned, with the best and biggest rabbit trick yet to be pulled out of your hat. And how the crowd will stand back and gasp! They never saw it coming.

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