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Once in a while, too many things get piled on your plate, and you don’t have room for more. Chaos will reign but in a good way. Give a little more than you take away at a social gathering. You will stumble upon something too good to pass up.


You find yourself caught up in something that seems impossible to solve. You will try many different ways of figuring things out and may end up with nothing. Mind your pennies this week to save up for something you’ll need in a few months.


Sacrifice now so that you can be more secure in later life. There is no time to lose in this regard. You must value your minutes and seconds as well as your hours. You will be asked to give something you don’t have. You will be asked to tell the truth and that won’t be easy.


Someone from your past tried to contact you but you didn’t respond. This will cause you some turmoil because in the end you will cause pain you didn’t count on. You’ll be given several options for escape; which road will you take? You can’t bargain your way out – has to be on the up and up.


You have passed a milestone and there’s no turning back. You can’t go forward, if you don’t go back and fix the broken pieces trailing behind you. If you aren’t sure which way is the right way consult someone you ordinarily ignore. You’ll be surprised at the outcome.


You will be pitted on opposite sides and right in between two people you love. You are the object of someone’s affection – you don’t have to reveal who it is but you are allowed to enjoy the fantasy for now. Isn’t it better than the reality anyway? Sure it is.


How the mighty have fallen. You are surprised by the sudden slip downward a friend of yours has taken. Have the years been kind or have they been hateful? You will be the sole confidante regarding a personal matter. Learn to keep a secret.


You have too much sensitivity regarding a certain matter. You need more objectivity – you must reveal yourself in the right way. Remember, it’s nothing personal. There are only journeys ahead, no wins nor losses. A lesson to be learned each step of the way.


The absence of someone dear to you has caused you much anguish. You only have one shot to make your case and then it’s all over and done with. Be protective of the only one who has stood by your side all these years. You know who has been loyal and protective and who hasn’t.


Sometimes it’s better to be able to just apologize rather than causing a lot of tension and strife in the unit. An apology can do wondrous things for a relationship or friendship. It only costs you a moment of pride. And that isn’t too high a price to pay.


As the warm season comes to a close you’ll want to prepare for the coming melancholy Fall and Winter bring. It is a time for acceptance and change. You don’t have to fight too much to get what you want in the work place – you only need be straight and be ready to walk away.

PiscesWatch for the thing that will hold you back – stay focused on those things that move you forward – keeping yourself from wanting too much, saving your money by not wasting things. Stay on top of things and it won’t all come toppling down at once.

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