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A jumpstart comes in an unexpected package. Someone doesn’t want to let you go, even though all signs point to the end. You can run but you can’t hide from an annoying left over chad from your past. It just keeps dangling there, no matter how hard to try to pull it off. You don’t quite get the message from someone’s helpful hint.


You will go around a few more times with a certain company trying to get what you deserved in the first place. There are going to be a lot of angry people yelling at you for no reason. You will have to reassess your plans for the immediate future when something happens to throw things off kilter.


The melancholy you feel for the past will dissolve once you get a firm offer as to your future plans. You may not have the kind of control you’re used to having over a particular situation but your calm problem-solving will inspire others. You have a clear path carved out for you.


It gets exhausting to have to go at the same problem over and over again. You can’t get the kind of help and attention you need, so it will keep growing. You can’t do what you always wanted to do either – there will be something standing in your way. You have to seek out alternatives when it comes to getting your body healthy.


You’d be amazed at what a little bit of paint and touch-up can do for your self-esteem. How nice to have so many people ready and willing to help you out. You get frustrated by someone who makes a promise he/she can’t keep. You don’t have the power to change what fate has determined but you can shape your attitude about it.


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water you discover a whole new way to configure your life. You just will never have what you lost. You will have to let it go – there isn’t going to be much of a life for you unless you invent yourself all over again.


You get advice and you give advice this week – one thing will inform another. Someone is trying in vain to get your attention. You know what they want, but you’re unable to give it to them. Look for new and more interesting ways to present yourself professionally – something fresh, something bright perhaps?


Whatever gets you through the night is key to more great things to come. You find more surprises when you get rid of the clutter. Living in the moment means more than chasing your own happiness – it means not putting things off until the last minute but dealing with them as they come up.


A little bit of extra snooping will help you discover the truth about something before it’s too late. You notice someone is spending a lot of their time with other people – voids you used to fill are now being occupied by others. It’s easy for people to be upset with you when you keep them out of the fold.


You won’t get the kind of attention you crave from the one who’s been occupying your thoughts lately. It’s that watched pot that never boils. Action will never be taken until you figure things out from inside out. You wait and wait for someone who never shows. Write down what goes in and out to help you keep organized.


You will get things exactly backwards this week – give too much to one who doesn’t need it and not give enough to someone desperately in need. It won’t occur to you until later. It’s always better to ask for what you want when it comes to conveying your complaints. Don’t beat around the bush.

PiscesYou will find yourself tested in nearly every aspect of your being. How you respond will likely define who you will be for the next little while. Are you going to cave? Will you keep fighting? Will your heart heal over? Yes, yes, yes. Don’t let the falling sky get you down.

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