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New Real Estate Firm Mixes Art, Business:

Over the years, the real estate firm of Mossler, Deasy and Doe became known for specializing in architecturally significant houses in Los Angeles.

Now a new firm, Deasy/Penner & Partners, founded by Mike Deasy and George Penner, both formerly of Mossler, Deasy and Doe, has emerged whose stated “mission” is “to celebrate the notion of Home as Art.”

The new firm, with its growing roster of partners, will “extend its reach….from Malibu to Palm Springs and incorporate diverse and stimulating architectural styles.”

Southern California has led the way in cutting-edge residential architecture from the early 1920s, when such brilliant and iconoclastic architects as Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, R.M. Schindler and Irving Gill gathered here. Each succeeding generation of architects has continued the tradition of innovative domestic architecture – up to and including Pritzker Prize winners Tom Mayne and Frank Gehry, now generally thought to be the world’s most influential architect.

For 25 years, Deasy, a Yale-educated urban planner turned realtor, has chronicled and been an active player in both the architectural and historic preservation movements in Los Angeles.

He has lived in and represented some of the region’s most significant architectural properties, including houses by Neutra, Schindler, John Lautner and Donald Wexler, as well as such contemporary architects as Lorcan O’Herlihy, Steven Ehrlich and Koning Eizenberg.

An acknowledged industry trailblazer, Deasy helped pioneer the specialized market for architecturally distinguished houses by turning his love of great architecture into a workable marketing device.

“What I’ve learned over the years is that architecture, like art, represents a subjective passion for people,” he said. “Although I’ve spent years heralding the merits of mid-century design, I also appreciate a number of different styles of architecture. With our new firm, we hope to introduce our clients to good architecture that will complement their lifestyles and tastes.”

“Design is what we’re going to hang our hats on at Deasy/Penner,” Penner added. “We’re not going to be dogmatic about architecture, but we’ve assembled a team that has a high level of aesthetic sensibility combined with enviable market knowledge. We share our clients’ passions for art and design and will help them translate their aesthetic preferences into an ideal living environment.”

Already over a dozen top-performing agents, including Frank Langen and Barbara Patman, have joined the firm, and Deasy and Penner hope to have 30 on staff by year’s end. All of the firm’s partners will accrue equity in the company based on their individual productivity.

Penner, who was Chief Operating Officer at Mossler, Deasy & Doe, and previously an advertising executive, has created a iconic, modern look for the firm.The firm also intends to take full advantage of today’s technology – laptops, blackberries, and so on in order to build a fleeter more flexible, virtual model with smaller office spaces located throughout Southern California.

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