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Seek out the last sticking point you’re anxious to change but haven’t yet identified. Do not keep your private thoughts to yourself for long – share with concerned friends. You will feel like flirting over the weekend, testing boundaries and uncovering the affections of someone you’ve noticed for a long time.


You find progress is being made despite what seems like an endless cycle in one direction. You are pleased to see how quickly it all comes together when the universe is on your side for once. Feel free to discuss your situation with someone who might know how best to take action.


You will fight harder when those you look out for are concerned. In the end, your ideas will propel you in a different direction than your peers. Pay attention to your health as you’ll need a strong immune system to deal with the season’s challenges. You get a message from a flame.


No one knows how best to point you in the right direction than the person whose criticisms you avoid like the plague. How hard it’s been to keep things stable but you have a strong hold on your conscience, which always points you in the right direction.


Say the right thing, do the right thing and never part ways with your best friend. You don’t have to fight what comes naturally; let your body be your guide. Look to the books for proof of what you know to be true. Document that which you’ll need to prove later on.


On the light side of things, you have the same people who care about you who always have cared about you. Even though you feel heartbroken at your loss you know that you are valuable, loving and loved member of a family. That is worth a lot more than what you get.


How to want what we have and not want what we don’t have. You’ll feel the need to covet the riches and rewards of others around you and it will bring out the worst in you. But be real – this is not going to be the worst thing that ever happens to you and it’s time to get over it and get on with your life.


You find it more and more difficult to put on a false happy front when inside you’re burning up and falling apart. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself – step back, let some of it out, do some real healing. It’s okay to feel bad.


Others will have difficulty with you lately, arguing, trying to convince you of something – and every time you try to connect you’ll feel a distinct disconnect. It’s as if the words are coming out but someone else is controlling them.


It’s becoming easier to control your life now that you’re in control. How hard it has been to work around someone else’s rigidity. Now that you’re holding the rains, it all runs much more smoothly. Your good will cheers everyone up.


Under different circumstances, you’d have this thing aced. As it stands, you are operating with less than your full capacity. You don’t have to work too hard to get ahead, you only have to be present in the moment and your gifts will find their outlet.

PiscesYou have a limited amount of time to do what you want to do – do not waste a second wondering whether or not you can do it. It’s beside the point now. You only have one choice and that’s to not back off but to charge ahead, guns blazing.

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