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Walk backwards to remember where you’ve been. When you retrace your steps, you can’t get lost; and you will have a clearer understanding of why you chose the path you did. What you need to do is forgive yourself. Too much pressure right now is bearing down on you and you need some relief.


You will face many different challenges over the coming months, leading you to feel some frustration. You get a message from someone you used to hang out with and wonder if you should listen or not. It is time to learn a few simple techniques to help you relax and unburden your body of stress.


You can’t please everyone. A sign of maturity is moving forward regardless of what others think of what you’re doing. You can’t manage the feelings and emotions of others, particularly those you work for or are married to or sleep with. You can only take care of your life and your actions.


A truth you know but no one else does will be uncovered soon. You will have to reach down deep for some courage to come out with it. You’ll be surprised at how empowered you feel to stand up for that little voice inside that tries to be direct but is afraid. Stay strong, be positive.


Someone says just the right thing at the right time. Know your limits. Know what makes you happy and what depresses you. Gravitate toward beauty and love, embrace peace. Block out the negative and cloying. You know how to be free. Find yourself again.


You don’t know how to let go so you keep going backwards. Change is a nice way of cutting off the excess, unnecessary layers you’ve piled on over the years. You will become more attractive when you walk into a room – this will be your biggest challenge of all – how to deal with the attention and not feel unworthy.


Make a plan to accomplish a goal. You can’t decide that it’s too late until you have proof. A mystery needs solving. A nagging pain might become persistent if it isn’t dealt with right now. Don’t take things for granted when they’re handed to you on a silver plate.


You will be tempted to reject a decent offer by someone, thinking a better deal is likely to come along. This may or may not be true – what is important is that you know you can always walk away if things get bad. Keep your escape path cleared out and ready – you never know when you’ll need it.


It isn’t too late to believe in magic. It’s a time to feel a renewed sense of innocence. A fresh outlook, a belief in the impossible, loving without reservations. Go for it. Fighting against what you really feel and want is going to make you unhappy and frustrated. Find an appropriate outlet.


You have a lot of creative energy going to waste. Yes, it’s important we live our lives but it’s also important we contribute to the common good. Find a way to get yourself out there again. It’s not over yet for you – there’s no reason to stick in a groove and never get out of it. Branch out.


When in doubt, consult the source. You may have to go all the way back to the beginning, but find where it all began and the riddle will unravel itself. You can’t apologize for other people; you can only take care of yourself and do what’s right for you. Don’t take the blame for someone else’s mistake.

PiscesYou are on emotional overload. You can’t take much more and must, at all costs, protect what you’ve got inside. You aren’t as bad off as you seem to feel these days and have a lot to celebrate. Don’t let the questions and fears drag you down. Use this life as it was meant to be used.

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