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You deliver all of the goods when called upon, you speak when asked a question, you give as much as you get but still you are not satisfied with what you have.  You have to learn how to want what is right in front of you and not burn for something else.



Your frustrations mount as unfairness abounds.  You want things to change but don’t have the power to change them.  You can only do what you can do – to take small steps toward an ultimate resolution.  Where you see injustice you can’t help but do something – so don’t give up.



you get kudos on the one hand but will be bothered about things you don’t do as well at the same time.  Does this have to be a bad thing? Not if you don’t take it too personally.  You should give yourself credit for the good things you do well and try harder on the things you want to fix. 



You find out more than you should from a close friend and you reach that point you always reach with people where you feel the flight or fight instinct.  Whenever you get too close you want to flee.  Stick it out this time.  Validate your feelings by being direct, no matter what the consequence.



You set limits for yourself and don’t let anyone force their way in past your boundary.  You ought not to worry too much about the outcome of a particular predicament – your generosity and kindness will pay off big time when the universe rights itself. 



You will be out of sorts before and during the weekend but will clear up and have more energy by mid-week.  You have something to work through is all, nothing to panic about.  You have more to give than you want to take which means you are better off with a taker than a giver.  Be joyful at the sudden news.



You feel badly for someone you’ve grown to like over a time but you will not do anyone any favors by acting out of pity.  Have respect for yourself and for others, enough to let them make their own mistakes.  Accept the changes that have overtaken you – they are part of you.



Having too much to do will only result in sloppiness all the way around.  You have to learn to say no and say it with feeling.  Remember your manners when you get an unexpected visitor.  Give back to someone who did something kind of you.  When you realize how important it is to come clean you’ll do so.



Someone is about to ask a favor of you that will be great and awful at the same time.  It’s going to be hard to say no.  You can do it all if you are frugal with your time.  Manage it carefully.  Allow for enough time to get what you need to get done.  Your mistakes will remind you to slow down.



You are happily acquiring a new set of tools to teach you how to deal with the problems at hand.  At the same time, you are burning the candle at both ends.  Something major is about to shift in your life making you rethink all of the decisions you’ve made up to this point. 



Remember to hand out the rewards as you hand out the corrections.  You can only do what you can do – you are not perfect nor should you strive for perfection.  The things that make you weak  are also invite others into your life to help.


PiscesYou are still living the life of a lucky person, despite the conflicts that keep coming up to remind you of all the dumb things you’ve ever done.  You have pulled it together and the game is still on.  You will have to keep things well organized to stay on top of it.  You are the object of someone’s hidden desire. 

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