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Letters to the Editor:

Who’s Right?To the editor: ATTENTION: All Santa Monica residents if you do not concur with the following you will have to leave the city according to Peter Davison. (Rebuttal letter in 9/7/05 paper referring to letter in prior issue) 1. The anti war people do not believe in slogans. 2. That the Al Queda are not involved in Iraq. 3. That the United States is in Iraq for profit only. 4. That the Iraq war in no way is a war on terror. 5. That our troops are not fed properly are ill-equipped and their pay/benefits are being cut. 6. The bravest United States soldiers are conscientious objectors. 7. That Bush is profiting from death, destruction, and torture. If you are not in line with the above according to Mr. Davison you do not fit into the liberal profile required to live in this city. Please pack your bags and bequeath Santa Monica to the ANGRY BUSH HATING LIBERALS. Ida Baron, Santa Monica Churches call for religious freedom To the editor: The California Council of Churches and California Church IMPACT, representing mainstream and progressive Protestant and Orthodox Christian churches with 1.5 million members in this state, support freedom of religion in marriage. Assembly Bill 849 by Assemblyman Mark Leno would guarantee that religious freedom. Under the bill, churches that oppose same-gender marriage – including some of our members – would not use the government’s power to impose their beliefs on others’ private lives, and their clergy would not be required to perform same-gender weddings. Likewise, churches that affirm the right of same-gender couples to wed – also including many of our members – would be free to bless these unions as lawful marriages. The best American traditions demand respect and tolerance for the multiple faiths that our people follow. It’s time to apply those  principles to marriage. Rev. Dr. Rick Schlosser, Executive DirectorCalifornia Council of Churches and California Church IMPACT

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