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Ocean Park Gazette Ends Its Run:

On September 1, the Ocean Park Gazette, an on-line newspaper in Santa Monica, ceased publication.

Carolanne Sudderth, its founder, publisher and editor, wrote, “We appreciate readers’ expressions of regret, but we mean it this time. The Ocean Park Gazette has left the building.

“On August 31, we vacated our beachside offices on Hollister Avenue and began the transfer to Oregon, where opportunities await us just outside Eugene and the University there.

“Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped with the paper, especially Peter Tigler, Bob Grand, Don Gray, Jody Grant-Gray, Maryanne Solomon, Bill Bauer and Susan Reines (wherever you are).

“Heartfelt thanks also to everyone who read us. We will miss you all.”Prior to founding the Gazette, Sudderth was a Santa Monica Mirror staff writer for several years and editor of the Santa Monica Sun.

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