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School Supply Drive Is Underway:

Several decades ago, California’s public schools, colleges and universities were the best in the nation.

In the late 1960s, Max Frankel of the New York Times called them “the eighth wonder of the world.”

But radical changes in tax laws have led to a radical drop in state funding for its schools.

Year after year, state funding is inadequate and year after year teachers spend their own money to buy needed supplies, books and equipment for their students.

It has been estimated that California teachers spend $1.5 billion, or an average of $475 per teacher, out of their own pockets on school supplies.

The Teacher Supply Closet program is designed to give the community the means to help offset teachers’ out-of-pocket expenses by providing essential classroom supplies.

The Supply Drive Kick-off was held on August 26 at drop off zones at Macerich Shopping Centers throughout Southern California, including Santa Monica Place and the Westside Pavilion. Donations of classroom supplies will be accepted at the shopping centers through September 30.Ray Williams, California Teacher of the Year, and Sylvia Padilla, Spanish speaking, Teacher of the Year, Long Beach Unified, were present at the kick-off at Santa Monica Place, along with a large number of teachers and students.

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