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…And Offers Rebates on High Efficiency Toilets:

In the 1990s, the City of Santa Monica encouraged water conversation by offering rebates for ultra-low flow toilet fixtures, leading to the installation of some 45,000 of the toilets, which use 1.6 gallons per flush, a drop in water consumption.

Now, City staff is promoting a new toilet. Already popular in other countries, the “high-efficiency toilet” has a powerful flush and uses only 1.3 gallons of water or less, saving 29,000 gallons a year, according to the City.

The HET comes in many styles, including a dual-flush model, which features a half-flush in addition to the full-flush. Dual flush toilets are widely used in Europe, Australia, and Asia and are now available here.

The City of Santa Monica is now offering rebates to residents for high efficiency toilets. Replacement of toilets stamped 1.6 gpf (gallons per flush) with an HET may earn a $25 rebate. Replacement of a 1.7 gpf or higher toilet will earn a $130 rebate. Flush performance ratings are available on several models of high efficiency toilets. They cost between $190 and $500, depending on the make and model.

The rebates are available on a limited first-come, first-served basis.For more information, visit www.smepd.org or call 1-866-728-3229. Applications also are available at the Info Desk at City Hall, 1685 Main Street.

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