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GREAT HIKES: Werewolves, Bats and Demons:

Few occasions lure folks out of doors and onto the trails at night more than a full moon in October. Next week’s full moon is no exception, and there are a variety of special hiking opportunities offered to celebrate the lunar spectacle.

On Sunday, October 16, Franklin Canyon is hosting a two-hour trek with panoramic city views and unobstructed stellar vantages from the trail top ridge. Jointly presented by the Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority and the William O. Douglas Outdoor Classroom, this guided hike is a great way to discover Franklin Canyon and overcome your anxiety about night hiking! Call (310) 858-7272 for more details about the 6 p.m. departure.

The next evening, Monday October 17, offers a slew of full moon adventures. The TreePeople are leading a choice of three skill levels for about 1.5 hours in Coldwater Canyon Park. Reservations are recommended for the 7 p.m. treks. Call (818) 623-4866 for more information.

Aiming at families, the City of Malibu will offer a guided full moon hike at 6 p.m. from the less traveled Charmlee Wilderness Park. (PCH north to Encinal Canyon Rd., and head inland four miles). It’s more of a drive to get there, but a great hike for all ages, and it’s certain to dispel your fears of spooky creatures. (The park was once rumored to be haunted by wandering werewolves, but a recent sweep certified the are clear of those pesky demons). Call (310) 317-1364 for reservations and parking directions.

For those of you truly fearless, seeking something a little less structured, our own Monday-Wednesday night hiking is out there full moon or not, exploring 21 different local trails, 6:30 to 8:30 pm. No kids, no guides, no fees, no reservations. You show up and go, werewolves, bats and demons welcome.Fearless readers interested in free Monday and Wednesday night hikes should contact Scott Regberg at 310-475-5735.

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