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React, don’t sit on it, when someone’s dumb comment rubs you the wrong way. If you say it in the right way, it won’t enflame. Think about the past, then let it go. It will rule your future, if you let it. But you have to give some credit where credit is due when you finally learn something for your work.


You have a way in and a way out. Do not worry about what you can’t get just now. Your ducks will be in a row very soon and you’ll wonder what took you so long. You can’t argue with a certain relative who insists upon being right all of the time — just don’t take things personally.


When family conflicts arise, you’ll be worried about which side to land on and whether you’ll be able to make everyone happy or not. Don’t fret. You can’t make anyone happy who doesn’t want to be happy. You can give all you’ve got left and it will still never be enough. But the little bit that you do give counts for a lot.


You have a hard time dealing with so much coming at you at once. Work out those difficulties with someone who can help. Keep your ideas in a place where you can retrieve them at will. You will want to use them for future reference. You have so many great ideas right now, don’t let them slip away.


Your efforts are appreciated, especially when you’re not in the best shape yourself. You need help running things and ought to ask for it. Love is in the air and if you’re not looking, you’ll find it. If you’ve found and lost it, you’ll find it again. If you’re alone, you won’t be for long.


Being so reliable all the time makes the tough times even tougher when you need someone to lean on. A good support network is just the ticket. You will look and look and when you find it, you will be amazed at what’s been there all this time. Your lonely heart looks in the right direction.


The beauty of life is everywhere all at once, so is the ugliness. You know that you have to work to get the things you really want and you think that your way is the best way. Well, maybe it’s time, to rethink that path. After all, you have a lot waiting for you but you have to hold it together until you get it.


You will be going on a journey through your old self to find your new self. A great way to start the new season is to shed your old skin. You can’t figure out how to escape a tangled web you’ve woven for yourself. But there is only one way out – to tell the truth no matter who gets mad about it.


You shouldn’t change yourself because someone else wants you to.Think about it – is it love or is it something else? How do you separate yourself from something you know is bad for you? Cold turkey. Overturn all stones to find the missing link that prevents you from revealing your whole self.


You soften a little when someone steps up to the plate and does something really nice for once. You can’t get anywhere by hiding the truth. It isn’t pleasant to have others disagree with your decisions, but once you learn how to let go of total control, you will have a happier life all the way around.


Get the harder stuff done earlier, so that you free up the time you have left – it is a rule that works 100 percent of the time. You don’t understand why the world is changing the way it’s changing and sometimes it knocks you back down. You deserve to be on top – stay there.

PiscesYou have a new outlook that could help you unstick your miserable life. You know that you will feel happy again – it is a matter of figuring out how to own your own mind and your own time again. You have to rid yourself of the worry and fear first.

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