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Life is not linear. But you will have to take care of a few things to get your ducks in order. Your successes will not be great or easy to notice but great in other, more meaningful ways. It doesn’t matter that you’re not the type who can elbow out the competition every time – go easy on yourself.


Too much is going on right now for you to think clearly. You are overwhelmed by all that you have to manage and fight and protect and debate and convince. It is all becoming too much. At some point, you will be forced to take just one thing on at a time, to streamline the obligations for inner peace.


You can’t control certain things, like making sure dreams come true for those you most love. All you can do is be there when things go wrong. Your intelligence will always put you right at the top of the heap. Be grateful for this odd gift, you never know where it will lead.


You have so many choices right now, ranging from great to absolutely awful. You have people who want something from you, people who want to give to you, people who want you to write them or call them or pay attention to them in some way and all you want to do is hide and not deal with it.


Half the time you are convinced that nothing will ever be right again – and the other half of the time it seems aas if you’re floating on air and there isn’t anything you can’t do. But what’s missing is balance. You need to find a happy medium where no one gets hurt but you are successful at what you most want.


You are taking little steps in the right direction and the farther back the past looks, the healthier you’ll feel. You miss things that are familiar, your heart feels like it’s being ripped out when you dwell on what has been left behind, but move onward and upward, leave the past buried, where it belongs.


You are perplexed by the way things work and when you have to buckle down and get something done, you feel like there’s some missing code you’re not getting, or some kind of formula for success. But you know what it is, it’s one foot in front of the other – little steps, lots of effort, equals success.


You get more accomplished through teamwork than you can by going it alone. Accept help from others. Learn how to let people in so you can lean on them. It isn’t as scary as all that and you won’t have to back out when it gets to be too much. You’ll never be as confident as some, but you get by.


Don’t procrastinate the important stuff, stuff you’ve put on the backburner for too long. Be wary of those very competitive “friends” who just want to be better than you and therefore have the upper hand. You’ll be tested inside and out when someone new comes into your life from out of nowhere.


You feel a little hurt that you opened up to someone and they seem to have closed the door big time on you – some people have to be emotionally available and if they’re hurting as much you are, they can’t possibly be open to your pain. But you are in need of support right now – the right person will soon be available.


Your frustration mounts in the days leading up to a certain event that you are dreading. It’s okay to be honest about your feelings and take care of yourself when it’s necessary to do so. Only you know for sure what your limits are – other people can’t make that decision for you. Be strong.

PiscesYou will never be completely happy until you learn how to be more honest about what you’re feeling and what you want out of life. Your misery is tied up in your constantly feeling that you have to please everyone – you really don’t. Isn’t it about time you unleashed the real you?

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