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Prozac For Progressives:

Hurricane Katrina made Bush

Take his eye off the ball

The president’s ratings ever since

Have dropped in a dramatic fall.

There is no way that Mike Brown

Could ever manage to seem a

Good choice by The White House

To be in charge of FEMA.

That lobbyist Jack Abramoff

Who often shocked and awed

Has now been indicted

On felony charges of fraud.

David Safavian at OMB

Is now under attack

He lied to help Abramoff

(It appears he did know Jack.)

Bill Frist, who’s a Senator,

Will not be the last one

With stock in a blind trust

To try and pull a fast one.

Austin prosecutor Ronnie Earl

Just kicked Tom DeLay’s butt

Is this a great time to beA Democrat or what?

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