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Vote NO On November 8:

To put it as succinctly as possible, the November 8 special election is an effort by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his well-heeled pals to short-circuit the democratic process, by transferring power via eight initiatives from both the people’s elected representatives in the State Legislature and the people themselves to the governor.

To stop this unprecedented and arrogant power grab in its tracks, it is vital that everyone vote on November 8, and vote no on all the initiatives on the ballot.

73 would require that parents of underage girls be notified before they can have abortions – even in cases of incest.

74 would extend the probationary period for public school teachers from two to five years.

75 would require public employees union members to give their permission annually for their dues to be used for political contributions, but imposes no such restrictions on corporations and their stockholders.

76 imposes limits on state funding of schools, and gives the governor additional powers to cut spending.

77 would assign redistricting powers to a panel of retired judges.

78 and 79 both purport to reduce prices of prescriptions, but both are imperfect.

80 reduces the power of consumers to choose their energy providers.In sum, just say NO eight times on November 8 to end this power grab and restore the democratic process.

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