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What Should 415 PCH Be?:

In the course of resurrecting the old Marion Davies estate at 415 Pacific Coast Highway for use by the public, the City solicited comments from residents.

The comments that follow were made during an open house the City held on the site some weeks ago. Two weeks ago, the principal architect, Frederick Fisher, unveiled a model and site plan of his preliminary design, at a community workshop.

As can be seen, some of the residents’ ideas are reflected in the preliminary design, and some are not.

“When I think of going to the beach at 415 PCH, I envision: Some shade would be nice – put up more cabanas maybe. I’d like to go inside the buildings. Meetings and sports meets, etc. Swimming very desirable, but keep costs reasonable….I like the tile and the marble. I only wish they could restore the main building but I understand it is too expensive. A few cheaper food carts or small stands would be desirable too. I loved the palm trees on the cliffs and why don’t we do that to reinforce the sides down here, and also all along it…noise barriers to the highway are desirable – very noisy, dusty, smelly. Maybe a line of cedar trees would be nice and you need to fill in where the main house went with something – not sure what – perhaps a sports field. Pony rides, also pictures of the main house. Porches on the building would be nice for the seniors, or add-ons (deck) below for watching. I like those thatched roof (palm leaves) little umbrellas. Nice, comfortable lounge chairs. Could allow a B&B.”

• “The seating for the pool must be high enough so guests can see the ocean & beach. Wide steps (bleachers) with movable umbrella stands (heat lamps maybe for winter) would be used to sit on directly or to have chaise lounges on. Hibachi & BBQ grills could cook shish kebabs from the café. Massage, manicures, spa treatments could be provided by the local cosmetology classes by real masseuses/established salons. Bicycle taxis could bring guests from the pool entrance down to the water on a small circular bike path. Miniature golf course for pool guests to watch!”

• “Native vegetation, incorporating gymnastic equipment, healthy food served – the food ambiance was adequate in the past.”

• “A glorious public space with mixed indoor and outdoor spaces. The pool restored as a water feature, the locker building removed to make way for an open plaza w/ tables, places to meet, music concerts, maybe some canoeing, kayaks or other facilities. Lots of weddings, celebrations.”

• “Forties-style swing bands with paper lanterns. Summer dance series. A pavilion that looks out over the pool. Museum gallery, café, bar, evening artist lecture series.

• “A historic site for locals and tourists to visit. A swim club that would exist on a (pay as you go) basis so that tourists could visit it as well. Plays and concerts on the site that could produce revenue to maintain and restore the site. Movie stars from the 20s (in costume) walking around (and Marion Davies) to add authenticity.”

• “Recreation after a good meal – grilled fish or chicken and a cold beer or glass of wine. Also bus or shuttle service to downtown, the Pier, etc. Bike racks.”

• “A return to Santa Monica of public beach recreation similar to what was available in the 1900-30s. A public beach club with facilities for large events to community groups and some private parties.”

• “415 as a place that will keep the class of its past, while lending the convenience of the public enjoying a beach club. I hope for everyone to enjoy this new establishment, yet there should always be standards that are upheld – no overcrowding, possible dress codes, etc.”

• “Music shows!”

• “A special event site and a European-style public beach club by day.”

• “I think there should be a swim team because knowing me, I am an athletic girl and the only thing I love to do is swim on a swim team!”

• “If nothing else, the new public beach facility at 415 PCH must have: Gymnastic equipment outside, educational features, concerts, cheap and plentiful parking! Free public access to the pool.”

• “Restoration of the beautiful pool with a café adjacent”

• “Public performances like plays, festivals, concerts, etc, and the proceeds used for Santa Monica projects and needs. A juried art gallery for local artists.”

• “Tables and big umbrellas. BBQs for public use.”

• “Café for those who don’t want to cook. Parking – not $15. Shuttle service. Pool. Good food. Open for dinner.”

• “Surfing groups. Skate ramps for all ages”

• “A few of the guesthouse rooms could be restored to original style, like a museum (Adams house).”

• “Small B&B on premises (within guest house)”

• “Community theater group could rehearse/perform”

• “Rent out for workshops (like the Learning Annex)”

• “Fundraisers for celebrities to host private parties”

• “A high quality art gallery with monthly receptions (annex for Bergamot)”

• “Make it beautiful, colorful, w/ great lighting for romantic evenings.”

• “We must save the pool even if it has to be reconstructed on another spot!! There is also a need for a “family” pool so this one can be reserved for lap swimming.”

• “There must be a shuttle (electric or non-polluting) that does a cycle along the bike path, from the Pier parking lot to the Will Rogers beach and back!!”

• “This would be a great site to focus on the history of beach volleyball!! Year-round. It would also be a good facility for teaching players and coaches.”

• “We are concerned about the homeless population using these facilities! They already “live” across the street in the bluffs and have caused fires and robberies and have entered our homes.”

• “I would love to have a room dedicated to books at the beach for periodic readings (Readings at the Beach) of prose and poetry. Or it might be a venue for Authors at the Beach – many possibilities here!!”

• “I think that children should get their own locker to store things.”

• “Gymnastic equipment, e.g. good springy horizontal bar, parallel bar, rope climbing suspension 20’, rings – all outside with some shade Trees, native grasses, undulated landscape, romantic settings”

• “A pavilion that looks over the pool!”

• “Meeting rooms – the Ken Edwards Center is overbooked!”

• “Please include a reference to the footprint of the demolished main house as a defined open space or as a new structure”

• “It would be great if the original wood fence that was removed from the street side after the earthquake was incorporated into a soundproof barrier for that side of the property”

• “If the west side of the bulkhead is developed, it would be great if the imprint of that original line be retained in an active way”

• “Have some family planned recreation activities to use the site”

• “The area west of the bulkhead would be best as a sandy area w/ volleyball at the most to emphasize how close the water came to the original property”

• “Full floor plans of old mansion graphically represented over project with rooms designated by function – spelled in brick”

• “Will there be a kiddie pool for the toddlers?”

• “We have to be aware of the traffic on the highway”

• “There should be an area for music concerts on the beach and inside.”

• “Meeting area for 500 – 1000 people. Have different even for the City.”

• “Santa Monica plunge, training Olympic hopefuls in the pool here”

• “Paddle surfboard storage, beach fishing guides”

• “Will there be a swim team for kids 8 – 19? Cause if there is, that’s awesome.”

• “Think of it as Santa Monica Country Club and every Santa Monica resident is a member.”

• “I’d like to see an outline of the original structure in steel like Ben Franklin’s house in Philly – but NOT glassed in”

• “Restore what’s left of original structure.”

• “Make everything a mix of public use and available for rent for private events too! Good luck!”

• “Please. Kids should have their own locker”• “Large grand room with spectacular large window towards ocean for music, drama, and large parties, functions for community and rentals.”

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