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You may have overstepped your bounds with a certain someone, said too much perhaps when you really meant to say something else. Your feelings will get muddled with common sense and you’ll have to rethink the conversation the next time. It’s also a good time to reclaim your life.


When life kicks you around, fight back. Push back at that which pushes you down. You don’t have to let the bad stuff get the upper hand – and remember, “when you ain’t got nothin’ you got nothin’ to lose.” So why not go for broke?


You slip into a groove and can’t find your way off the track. The lingering feelings of frustration and doubt make you wonder if you ever knew what you were doing in a particular situation with a particular person. You are grateful for what you receive but you can’t seem to get enough of what you need.


Your ideas will come fast and furious once you overcome the one thing holding you back. Even if you think you can never overcome the demons, that you will live the rest of your life without the courage to take the first step, a day will come and the step will be taken and the rest is easier.


Your life is reaching a manageable level, even though it isn’t all it could be. You can only be your authentic self, with your authentic purpose. You can’t be all things to all people and you can’t make everyone happy. The trick is to disengage yourself from their feelings.


You draw a line that puts some people on one side and some on the other. Both sides are going to want you to be what they see in you. You will have to become separate but equal – stand on your own, forge your own self ahead because no one else will.


It’s a good time to take stock of people who would lay down their life for you. And you can probably count them on one hand, if that. Your spirit has led you where you find yourself today, working out the present with lessons from your past. You can do things the easy way or the hard way. You decide.


You will be overcome when it’s least expected with the wonder of your life, even if great harm has come to you. It might not happen today, or not next week even – but when it sinks in, you will feel vindicated from all of the muck you’ve been wading through all this time. Hang in there.


Sometimes we are given great gifts that we don’t recognize until long after the fact. You will encounter someone who teaches you it’s not always about you. And you will find a bridge that will lead you out of one place and to another. Don’t let another minute pass without considering the time you have left.


We all have to live down the awful choices we made, the stupid ways we tried to fill ourselves up with all of the wrong things. In order to feel pure inside, you must purify your thoughts this week, stay away from toxic friends, hang out with good people who treat you right.


You will be dealing with feelings of failure and loss. These are tough for anyone to get through, least of all you. You may begin to feel like it’s impossible to get anywhere with the kind of baggage you have. But it’s only a matter of shifting your thoughts – training yourself to think differently.

PiscesAll of your hard work appears to have been for naught as others come along and try to steal your thing. Imitation is the highest form of flattery so don’t take it too hard when others copy you. There is only one you and what you bring to the dinner is uniquely fabulous. Don’t underestimate your own power to achive.

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