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You leave behind what you don’t need. Practice willpower and don’t give in so soon to urges. Test yourself, push harder. A friend has a secret message for you, but is afraid to say anything. You have the gift of helping others. Use it.


Your efforts pay off in an unexpected way, proving that it does make a difference when you put yourself out there. Don’t worry if you can’t get everything all at once – just one small step for you is one giant step for peoplekind. You worry about things that are beyond your control at this point.


Your temperament lately is causing strain on your regular daily activities. You can be carried away with your emotions and feel like you’re a spinning top that has no choice but to spiral out of control. But just as quickly as it came on, it will evaporate.


Gather up your allies because you’re going to need them, Wars for love or money are the worst kind and leave you upended when all is said and done. You won’t fight harder when you’re down for the count – but will want to give up. Don’t give up, not now, not ever.


You feel luck these days but that there is a time limit on that luck. You can extend it by staying on top of things that usually are out of your control. You are the one in charge. Struggle against being the product of the advertising age and don’t buy into Big Money’s idea of who you should be. You are you, full stop.


You still feel a sense of loss about someone who is no longer in your life. No matter how hard you try to keep it at bay, sorrow will have her way over your heart. And we never really get over loss – we never really forget those who meant something to us but we can go on and build other relationships.


A mystery is set before you – you can solve it or you can feel powerless against it. The clues have been left for you; you and you alone hold the key. It is a matter of seeing something that’s been right in front of your face, unrecognized, for a long time. Open your eyes and see.


When you worry that the pressure is too much, that something is going to give way if any more is piled on, find a way out that meets all of the compromises. It’s not going to completely collapse – you have enough good people supporting you so that the whole thing can hold, with strength.


However it came to you, appreciate it fully. It doesn’t matter who brought it, or who tried to prevent it, what matters is that you have it now. Be grateful that you are the kind of person who gets things in life – your good luck and positivity will always bring good things to you.


You have to worry harder about the things you can do to ensure a long and happy life. It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves because, in the end, we care about ourselves the most. Do not put trash into your body – it is your temple. It won’t make you feel better to mistreat your organs. Be kind and you will be rewarded.


Be sure you’re right when you make a pronouncement. You will have to open your mouth and speak the truth. Try to get some backup information that will help you determine whether or not you’re right. Just be sure. You can’t fret about things that aren’t your fault.

PiscesSometimes, too often perhaps, you have to do things for others. You have to, you have no choice. Your presence is desired and that is all there is to it. Don’t lose the momentum you’ve built up over the past two months, stick with the program.

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