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Deception is the beginning of a horrible mess. Once you have to avoid and make stories up in order to keep the peace, something is very very wrong. Keep the communication straight and to the point. You have things you need to say and you must honor that.


You are amazed at how fast time has passed you by and how much you have given over to others. When you see this with clarity, you will be compelled to seize the day like never before. The time is now. You must take what you need and then give back what you got tenfold.


Your identity is questioned by those whose opinions matter to you. Yet you also know you have to be the only you you can be at this moment in time. Don’t try to be something to impress others and don’t seek out approval from those unworthy.


You still have lessons to learn and they aren’t going to feel very good inside. But once you’re over the hard part, your muscles will have toughened up and you’ll be much stronger. With your newfound strength you will accomplish so much more.


You have set out to change things for the better and you’re satisfied that you’re making a true effort. You also have learned to open up and reveal more of yourself. There are things you have to let go of in order to have the right kind of relationship. Don’t fear what seems to be standing in your way – remove it and quick.


An adventure is upcoming – one that will test your wits against someone else’s. Harmonious relationships are the order of the day – and perhaps it’s most important to keep them that way rather than furthering your own agenda. Sometimes we have to eat crow in order to keep the peace.


You will be getting rid of the old and inviting in the new. You will know when enough is enough because you’ll be unable to take any more. You have to grow past a certain point in order to do that and you have to be willing to make the necessary room for it.


You delight in the trust you’ve built up with others and you can bring up difficult subjects without the fear of totally losing people for good. You can trust that they are going to respect you for having the guts to say what you really think. Your opinion matters more than you realize.


Just because one person said something doesn’t make it true. When your own worst fears about yourself are touched upon it can send you into a crazy tailspin. You must alter your perception of yourself and start to see things the way positive entities see you – like a pet or a child.


You have to accept responsibility for what you’ve done because playing the victim this time around will only perpetuate the negative relationship you’ve built. You have to state the problem, accept your part in it and move on. It’s the only way to move on and truly let go.


You are ready for something entirely new. It will be a big surprise that should hit at the end of the week. You have such a gift that now can be shared with the masses. What you put out is what you’ll get back tenfold. Be happy for the points you’ve already earned.

PiscesYou are getting there, little by little. There is no taking away pain – when you open yourself up emotionally you run the risk of getting hurt. But the great thing about getting hurt is that you know you can survive it. You will not have to shut yourself off from humanity to save yourself from the pain.

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