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Take a different path and find the right one. You aren’t there right now and you’ll be stumbling over yourself to fix your missteps. You can rest assured that no one will get there before you so there’s no rush. Practice grace and being a not so sore loser.


You are approaching the moment at which it’s all going to come to a head. You will juggle a relationship here, a conversation there, a situation here, a friendship there. You will also find out that someone from your past carried the torch for you a lot longer than you realized.


Keep your blinders on, don’t watch how fast other people are moving else it slows you down. The jury is still out on whether or not you are hitting your stride. The effort is there but the results might not be up to your standards. New paths, new friends, new work, new opportunities.


It will be a time for losing and a time for winning – a time for stepping up and stepping back, a time for giving and a time for taking. Understand that hard words aren’t going to dissolve you as much as your own voice in your head will. Listen but be willing to let go.


You rearrange things for your family but find that a lot more difficult than you realized. Plan ahead and you won’t be stuck at the last minute floundering for a solution. You have to be, borrow and steal in order to break even. Something’s gotta give.


You are almost done. Don’t worry that it’s not enough for what you need. Little baby steps not big giant ones. Get through the day and absorb the moment. You must learn to calm down and enjoy the present. You can’t fix other people’s lives but you can speak the truth, for better or worse.


You open up a Pandora’s Box when you confess your feelings. You have a tough time getting through the holidays but have the New Year to look forward to. You only know what you know, you can’t do more than that – just like you can’t live other people’s lives, only your own.


It’s going to feel personal but it’s not personal. You have to plan ahead for things you’ll be wanting to get over the next few weeks. You’re just about at that point where you have nothing to lose. Don’t be bound by things that are too conventional. Nothing is beyond your reach.


You will be rethinking work stuff – is this where you want to be? You must confront growing up for real this time. You can’t put off responsibility because you’re too afraid to move forward. A worried person seeks to make your life better but unfortunately says all of the wrong thing.


In learning how to be a new you, you’ll be confronting difficult emotions, like anger and sadness. You have to be careful with feeling overloaded. Don’t do too much, don’t work too hard to make people happy. You have to work towards focusing on you and yours. Everyone else will be fine.


Too much of a bad thing can tweak your perspective and when it’s gone you’ll be left with yourself. You have to play peacemaker when it all comes to blows. You’ll be stuck in the middle of a muddle and will have to dig deep to get yourself out.

PiscesYou have one leg in and one leg out and don’t quite know which direction to go in. You can’t have what you really want. Yet you are having trouble breaking the tie that binds you. You know you have to or else you will be floundering in limbo. You can’t move on until you sever the cord.

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