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L.A. Will Take Part In Westside COG:

Keeping his campaign pledge to form regional partnerships to address long-standing problems, Los angeles Councilman Bill Rosendahl won the unanimous approval of his Council colleagues for Los Angeles’s participation in the Westside Cities Council of Governments.

Rosendahl, who represents the Westside’s 11th district, pushed for Los Angeles to become an official member of the Westside Cities COG, a new collaborative organization comprised of the communities of Beverly Hills, Culver City, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood.

Rosendahl said the city’s participation in the Westside Cities COG is vital, if workable solutions to such complex problems as traffic congestion, overdevelopment and homelessness are to be found.

“The city of Los Angeles is plagued by the same problems as the cities of Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Culver City and West Hollywood,” said Rosendahl. “Our participation in the Westside Cities COG gives us a tremendous opportunity to combat these problems together.”

Although the formation of the Westside Cities COG has been in the works for more than two years, it was not until Rosendahl pushed for membership that the Los Angeles City Council took action.

Rosendahl also said that Los Angeles’s participation in the Westside Cities COG can help to accelerate the development of mass transit systems linking Westside communities.“The Westside continues to be burdened with traffic and insufficient public transportation,” Rosendahl said. “The Westside COG gives the city of Los Angeles more support to improve present traffic conditions and ultimately the quality of life of the entire Westside.”

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