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Lamont Ewell: In His Own Words:

Lamont Ewell, Santa Monica’s New City Manager, submitted the following statement to the City Council, as part of his application.


City of San Diego, California

April 2004 – present

Faced with a myriad of unprecedented City issues, on April 11, 2004, the Mayor and Council unanimously voted to appoint me as their City Manager and tasked me with the difficult challenge of developing and applying strategies that would fully resolve each matter. This included providing coordination and oversight to the Federal investigations; development of a Five Year Financial Plan to help stabilize the City’s financial position; completion of outstanding annual audits and the implementation of operational procedures for bond disclosures. To date, steady progress has been made in most of these efforts.

Until January 1, 2006, San Diego remains a Council/Manager form of government. Reporting directly to the Mayor and eight Councilmembers, I translate their policies into daily practices utilizing the energy and dedication of an approximately 11,000 member organization that performs all functions of local government, including Fire and Police, Finance, Public Works, Community and Economic Development, Water and Wastewater Services, Parks and Recreation, City Planning, Human Resources, and Code Enforcement. Currently, I am responsible for the management of a $2.4 billion Fiscal Year 2006 all funds budget.


City of San Diego, California

January 2001 – April 2004

Serving as sole Assistant City Manager, I was responsible for acting on behalf of the City Manager in his absence. I was responsible for day-to-day operations of all City departments, general City administration, and departmental coordination, as well as assisting in the management of a $2.2 billion Fiscal Year 2004 budget.


City of Durham, North Carolina

July 1997 – December 2000

Located adjacent to Research Triangle Park (RTP), Durham became the southeast region’s most progressive multi-cultural urban city. My responsibilities included ensuring a 13 member Council body was regularly and equally informed on key issues; translated Council policies into day-to-day practices; maintained the financial health of the City; development and continual refinement of City-wide strategic planning as it relates to economic development; neighborhood revitalization; public safety and infrastructure enhancements.


City of Oakland, California


Oakland is a full-service, urbanized, multi-cultural metropolitan City, utilizing 5,500 employees who are assigned to one of seven agencies, including Police, Fire, Budget and Finance, Community and Economic Development, Administrative Services, Public Works, and Life Enrichment. During this brief period, I was responsible for providing direction to the City workforce, development of a proposed fiscal year budget and assisting with a transition plan prior to my departure.


City of Oakland, California

1996 – 1997

As the sole line Assistant City Manager responsible for all agencies, I served as the City’s Chief Operations Officer responsible for the day-to-day running of government. Ensured that policies developed by the Mayor and Council, in consultation with the City Manager, were translated into day-to-day practices. Provided day-to-day direction to a 5,500 member workforce.


City of Oakland, California

1995 – 1996

Served as a member of the City Manager’s Executive Team. Responsible for supervision of the Fire Department, Public Works Department, Communication and Information Systems Department, Retirement and Risk Administration Department, and Planning and Building Department.


City of Oakland, California


During my tenure within the Fire Service, I ultimately achieved the rank of Fire Chief with the City of Oakland, California. During that appointment, I served as a member of the City Manger’s Executive Staff. Participated in the development of City-wide management strategies. Served as a member of the City’s Financial Advisory Team. I was responsible for management of all aspects of the delivery of emergency medical, fire suppression, hazardous materials, fire prevention and disaster preparedness programs. Prepared, presented, and administered the general fund, non-general fund and capital budgets for the Department. Directed and evaluated the department’s service delivery system.


Prince George’s County, Maryland


Participated in development of goals and objectives for the department. Ensured that divisions under my direct command were meeting stated objectives. Served as department liaison with the community. Represented County and department at State Assembly on legislative matters involving fire operations.


Prince George’s County, Maryland

1989 – 1990

Managed the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services. Developed and administered the Bureau’s budget. Served as liaison with State and County medical authorities.


City of Compton, California

1986 – 1989


City of Compton, California

1982 – 1986


City of Compton, California

1980 – 1982


City of Compton, California

1975 – 1980


Executive Masters Degree in General Administration –

University of Maryland

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration –

University of Phoenix

Completion of General Requirements – Cal State Northridge


Past-President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs 1996 – 1997

Past-Board member of National Fire Protection Association

Past-Board member of United Way – North Carolina

Past-Board of Trustees member School of Math and Science, Durham, North Carolina

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