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Letters to the Editor:

SMC’s bad planTo the City Council: As you know, Santa Monica College is asking the city to allow SMC Bundy Campus vehicle access to Airport Avenue to resolve traffic issues experienced by Los Angeles residents and to transfer those same issues to Santa Monica residents. According to the college, refusal to give this access indicates that City government and the affected neighborhoods are displaying a callous disregard for student safety and for higher education – especially much needed nursing and early childhood development classes which have been transferred to this campus. A tactic much like accusing those against the war in Iraq of being unpatriotic and non-supportive of our troops! No one seems to be holding the college responsible for poor planning, wasting public funds buying property that is surrounded by homes and overburdened thoroughfares, refusing to obtain public input until after the site was developed and having the highest ratio of administrators to staff in the community colleges system. If the college is given access to Airport Avenue,  there will be no impediment (other than lack of funding) to the construction of many more classrooms on this site in the future. Please listen to your most important and least considered constituents, us the residents. Lorraine Sanchez via the SMCLC.net post office. Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City. Not about money To the editor: : IAMAW Talking Points This is NOT about money!!! The main issues are that Boeing wants to remove limits on our out-of-pocket expenses for medical premiums and co-pays, and they want to take away retiree medical from workers who hire in after us.  Those that will hire into Boeing in the future are our children and grandchildren – those are all the kids in the community.  This is America, we don’t line up to agree to harm our kids.  Today’s retirees have it bad enough, and we have no intention of voting to make sure the next generation of seniors have it worse. Shame on Boeing for forcing us into this fight. We are benefiting from the gains made by those who went before us, and we don’t have the right to give it away, especially after Boeing just  earned ONE BILLION in net income last quarter. We have made concessions in the past, when Boeing was in trouble, but that is not the case today. We are NOT fighting for improvements; we are fighting to protect what we already have. Kevin CummingsHuntington Beach

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