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Wellness Community, West L.A. Honors Susan Walpert, Lillian Moss:

The Wellness Community – West Los Angeles honored Susan Walpert and paid tribute to Lillian Moss at its annual luncheon on Saturday, October 22 at the Skirball Cultural Center. 

Susan Walpert became involved with TWC in 1996 when she joined a family participant group as her late husband, Ed, was dealing with cancer.  She was honored for her commitment to helping people with cancer and their families.

Tribute was paid to Lillian Moss for her long-time support of TWC and in recognition of her ninetieth birthday.  Since Moss became a participant at TWC, in the eighties, she has remained significantly involved and is a member of the Honorary Board.  

“Both honorees have demonstrated a long-standing commitment to The Wellness Community,” said Janet Galea, Executive Director of The Wellness Community -West Los Angeles, “and their efforts have helped bring hope and support to countless people with cancer.” 

The Wellness Community was the first and is the largest organization devoted solely to providing psychological and emotional support to cancer patients and their families free of charge.  The program combines the skill of the physician with the will of the patient and is considered by many  oncologists to be an integral part of conventional medical treatment. 

The Wellness Community-West Los Angeles is located on Ocean Park Boulevard in Santa Monica and relies entirely on community support.For more information about The Wellness Community-West Los Angeles visit the website, www.twc-wla.org or for information regarding this event, please call (310) 314-2555.

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