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GREAT HIKES: Thanks for All the Happy Trails:

Over the past year, I have periodically referred to hikes conducted by some of the volunteer organizations serving the Westside.

These organizations contribute many hours of time helping to maintain and restore our trails and educate the public about our great natural resources as well as lobbying to protect our wilderness heritage.

While I can’t list every group, here’re some of the organizations and phone numbers so that you can get involved yourself.

• The Cold Creek Docents (818) 591-1701: These hard working volunteers lead tours and help folks in a variety of ways in and around the Cold Creek Preserve and Stunt Ranch Reserve area.

• Coastwalk (800) 550-6854: These folks lead all sorts of local hikes. Call them to follow along – or better yet, offer to be a volunteer!

• Sierra Club (213) 387-4287: I need more space to describe the breadth of their activities, but locally, there are almost daily hikes, well-organized and supervised by trained and qualified leaders. A great group to help you get acquainted with our local trails.

• Temescal Canyon Association (310) 459-5931: Temescal Canyon is right in the heart of our local trails, connecting to Will Rogers, Mulholland and more. It’s a critical park in our area and its interests are protected and promoted by these devoted volunteers.

• Tree People (818) 753-4600: I have grown to know and admire founder Andy Lipkis and the organization. What started as a small plant-a-tree group has evolved into a highly respected and influential environmental philosophy with global impact.

• William O. Douglas Outdoor Classroom (310) 858-7272: Seems like whenever I read about some interesting nature event, these folks are out there leading the way and educating the public.

• Will Rogers Historic State Park Docents (310) 454-8212: Shoulder to shoulder with Temescal, Will Rogers is probably one of our most precious resources. More than just great trails, this park has a complex history that focus on its legendary equestrian/cowboy/humorist/film star founder that the docents learn and freely share with the public.

There are many more other groups to thank – and I’ll incorporate some of those in future stories. Most importantly, enjoy our local trails by calling the groups above – or just go discover one of the many easy fire road routes right here in our Santa Monica Mountains.

Fearless readers interested in free Monday and Wednesday night hikes, should call Scott Regberg at (310) 475-5735

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