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Aries Too much, too soon and the whole thing falls apart.  You look for love in all of the wrong places and are surprised when things suddenly explode in your face.  The lesson this week is to be careful which steps you take and why.  Listen to others who warn you away. Taurus No use being tormented about things you have no control over.   You will get a clue to solve an ongoing mystery and you will worry when someone doesn’t seem to be having the best time over the holidays.  You have too many worries and not enough help. Gemini There are nice ways and not so nice ways to get your point across.  Dig from deep down in your heart when you wish to move forward. A great journey will taking place soon and you won’t have an excuse not to go. This time, you’ll have many challenges facing you and not all of them agreeable. Cancer You don’t have to go far to find what you’ve been looking for. Like Dorothy in Kansas, happiness has always been in your own back yard.  It is only a matter of rooting it out at its source.  Don’t be too hasty in making an upcoming decision.  You must not rush the things that will matter most. Leo Only the right person will know how to talk to you the way you need to be talked to.  You have a key to unlock the heart and soul of someone close to you. You can do it with a few choice words and you can change things forever with a little compassion and understanding.  Look for the best and claim it. Virgo How far you have come so that the things that used to bother don’t bother you at all and things you used to love you can barely stand the sight of.  You are changing – the best thing you can do now is to let it ride, baby, let it wash all over you.  You will appreciate the changes once you move past them. Libra The worst of times is approaching and you will be called upon to do your best to hold things together.  You have to struggle with making ends meet and with putting two and two together.  Since you are going to be one of the two, your own best interests are at stake. Scorpio In a fit of frustration, you will toss out the old to make way for the new.  Another frustrating circumstance on the horizon, another busy body, another annoying tattler.  You have got your hands full.  Your days are numbered in living out a dream.  You must work harder. You can do it! Sagittarius A union has you feeling a bit out of the loop where the major decisions are made.  You long for some  freedom, yet to get it you’ll have to give up a lot.  You see someone who reminds you of that special someone, which brings up all sorts of troublesome heartache.  You can move on, it’s easier than you think. Capricorn You set limits but then you break them.  The only thing that works is consistency.  Remember, you know best and never waver from that stance.  And don’t overextend yourself in the coming weeks – set and keep to your own limits before you begin setting limits for others. Aquarius A powerful force will impede your progress.  But despite that, you rebound as the fine fighter you are.  It isn’t going to work for you, to throw out the baby with the bathwater.  Balance is key.  Giving a little, taking a little back.  Fighting and rejoicing, win or lose. PiscesYou ought not to hate yourself for just being you.  You have to learn to get to know who you really are and then accept the outcome.  For better or worse, you are you.  You make mistakes, like everyone else, and you have talent, like everyone else.  It’s time to banish that inner critic, and let your talent rise.

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