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You stumble when you try to move forward and then you trip when you try to step back. It’s going to be a week where nothing goes right and you’re going to feel like you can’t believe you still have a few brutal weeks before the end of the year. Move slower, more deliberately. Be sure of where you’re going before you start.


Even though times are tough, you’re grateful for a few things this year. One of them is that you can count yourself as the only sane one on a certain family issue. You will be the voice of reason when crazy plans are hatched. It’s a responsibility to appreciate because you can make the right choices.


You feel frustration with the one closest to you and sometimes you find you have to shout and scream to get your point across, that others aren’t listening to you the way you need to be listened to. Your heart seems like it will never recover from a past incident that left you bruised and scarred. Pick up some good vibes from a neighbor.


You fritter away time and don’t realize how much has passed until it’s too late. You notice the little things start getting on your nerves. Someone seems like they’re out to get you when, in reality, they aren’t that bad – they just have issues and need good things in their lives, like hugs.


Do you ever wonder if you’re going in the right direction? Does it even matter anymore? Appreciate the things that make you happy, things that aren’t that easy to come by for most people. Live right smack in the middle of the moment because that’s where serenity lies.


You still feel a bit of resentment for someone who hasn’t communicated with you in a long time. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why certain people disappear. Just know that it had nothing to do with you – just something to do with their insides, and how much they hurt and how hard a time they’re having.


You draw certain conclusions from situations that are somewhat premature. Don’t be the judge until you have all the facts. Can you find a way to end the obsession in your mind? If not, it’s a good time to talk to a professional about it, to find a way passed it. When you must take responsibility for your actions you behave differently.


Seems like, lately, everything is coming down to money. Money in, money out and nowhere to turn in an emergency. It’s surprising how little of a safety net there is for us all. We want to have our cake and eat it, too – but life requires sacrifice of one form or another and none of it need be the stuff that really matters.


You rejoice in the celebrations of others but wonder when it will be your turn to celebrate. You have to get your ducks in a row and you have to be lucky – otherwise, you have no ability to control the universe. These things happen for a reason and perhaps, on some level, you’re just not ready yet.


You can find a new path that’s different than the old one. You lose all of the things that comforted you but at the same time you develop new skills. You must learn to ask for support when you need it and you must allow yourself to accept help when it’s offered. There are many who care.


You can see and taste the finish line. How lucky that life has given you the ingredients to attain your dreams. You will be given many different chances at the kind of success you’ve dreamed about and this is the first glimpse. It’s a good thing to be modest at public events.


Don’t say no, say yes, to all of the talents you have. You can open the door and make time to accomplish those things you’ve been putting off. Yes, you suffered an enormous blow and you realize life is not what it seems and people aren’t always who they say they are. But you are strong in your heart, like an oak tree.

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