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Star Gazing:

Aries What once seemed exciting to you because it brought you closer to a glamorous world now seems fake and disappointing.  Never expose yourself to an abusive person because abuse is an  animal that needs to always be fed.  Find healthier people to be attracted to. Taurus The focus this week is on the ailing.  You must caretake when all you want to do is be taken care of.  Yet you persevere somehow.  Learn a lesson from  a friend who is always doing the wrong thing.  You are going to need some alone time soon, however, just to chill out and stare at the wall. Gemini Your different sides will pull you in two directions.  You are both good and bad and you struggle with reconciling it in your relationships.  You know that there is power in the ability to have no obligations or responsibility – but it is transitory.  Nothing that isn’t honest will last. Cancer Maybe it all comes down to knowing where you belong.  When you feel all alone, as many of us do around the holidays, you can turn outward or inward.  We all search for our metaphoric home.  This week, you will come close to realizing it. Leo You find that you are so much younger now in your head than you once were.  The subject of age could be one you’re pondering lately, perhaps a little too much.  You never know when you’re going to hit your stride.  Look to role models to help you heal. Virgo Your past comes back to remind you of what hasn’t changed all that much these past few years.  Take some time to appreciate what has changed.  Keep talking yourself out of a problem.  The more you put out, the less will fester inside.  Libra You will be looking for new modes of expression, more effective ways to bring out various sides of yourself.  You worry that there are too many things to keep track of and that sooner or later it’s all going to come falling down around you like a house of cards.  It all comes down to balance. Scorpio The hard part is almost over.  You will heal your broken heart and you will be the better person for it.  We all think we know what we’re doing, but most of us have no clue, we just bumble from one day to the next, taking what comes.  Embrace the present tense and do not linger on the past. Sagittarius When push comes to shove, you have to take sides, unfortunately.  It’s not going to do any good to try to play nice with everyone.  Either you stand up for what you believe in or else you don’t involve yourself at all.  Capricorn We all have our different ways of getting through the tough times.  When you are always busy trying not to recreate your childhood,  you turn around and suddenly, you are living it.  Can you find a solution that doesn’t repeat the past? Can you break the cycle? Aquarius You may feel you’re playing a game of chess and your adversary is getting the best of you.  You just have to regroup, think more offensively and, before you know it, you will be on top.  But don’t let lesser players get the best of you, either.  They aren’t worth the trouble. Pisces It isn’t fun to see people clearly for the first time.  We live our lives in denial about people we love and that can only lead to disaster.  Try to live a more authentic life, no matter what the consequences.  Do not be fooled by pretty lies.

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