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City Flunks Its Own Quiz:

To: City of Santa Monica

I took your photo quiz, http://www.shapethefuture2025.net/quiz.htm, and shared the site with some SM history buffs. Alas, you scored poorly; two are flat wrong – what does this bode about your credibilty for the “Shape the Future – 2025” report you are creating? Oh, woe is us! (Oh, woe is we?)

Your Pacific Coast Highway (top right) with the annotation from the Santa Monica Public Library is NOT circa 1920s, as you claim, but, “Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica, ca. 1935 – Adelbert Bartlett (Carolyn Farnham Collection)”

Tsk. Tsk.

You fare no better with Santa Monica Freeway photo (bottom right). According to the library, the picture is, “Opening of the freeway (Interstate 10) into Santa Monica (Christopher Columbus Highway) January 5, 1966 – Fred E. Basten Collection ” NOT the 1950s, as you claim.


Of course, the Santa Monica Public Library COULD be wrong.

Let’s see how long it takes you to correct the mistakes. Today is December 27, 2005.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Michael Elliott HillSanta Monica

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