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Every which way you turn there seems to be yet another area where you are finding it difficult to bridge the gap. Arguing doesn’t help. Charm only goes so far. You’re left with having to make cut and dried decisions. Your options are broader than that but you have to think outside the box.


You are reconnecting with people you’ve lost touch with. You’re also helpful to someone desperately in need around this time of year. Your karmic payback is still yet to be cashed in. You’re not too far away from that happening. Don’t worry that you’re not quite where you want to be, you don’t have much father to go.


You can’t do nothing and expect results. Anything worthwhile isn’t easy to acquire. Don’t fall back on the progress you’ve already made. Keep things up somehow. It won’t be easy, clearly, but you will have help. It won’t be until you get cut off the infection that the limb will heal fully.


Agonizing over things that are beyond your reach will only lead to unhappiness and a mid-life crisis which will then cause you to throw out the baby with the bath water. What do you see around you? How much do you think is helpful and how much isn’t? Notice dramatic changes, they always mean something.


You help bring two entities together that are otherwise unwilling to forgive and forget. For some people, it’s not worth making peace. What is left is only the relationship and if that wasn’t strong to begin with, why bother? Do not save all of the hard work for last – get it over with early.


Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. We all have a choice as to whether we want to do the right thing or hurt people by doing what we want. You believe that what you are protesting matters and you will keep fighting the good fight in hopes of that being true. Your perspective on this will change.


There aren’t enough minutes in the day to get what you need to get done done. You struggle with all things big and small when your mind is elsewhere. You will have some good surprises in the near future. As long as you have patience you will do well in all areas.


It gets harder and harder to find inspiration to keep on keeping on when half the time, maybe more even, you can barely find the energy to face the day. You may need to make big changes to make big things happen and that isn’t going to be fun. You still have leftover resentment that will take a while to heal.


When you put your mind to it you can get a lot done. When you struggle with too many rules you get bogged down. Sometimes you have to think independently and break free of convention. But it’s important to be educated enough to tell the difference. Sometimes instructions are essential. A loving hand comes at just the right time.


Your problems aren’t dissipating as you might have thought they would. You get through one day at a time, that’s the only way out. You have to understand that your feelings are valid, even if they overwhelm you at times. You are not to be exiled for feeling them.


You think that a new year means you have to change everything about you that was wrong last year. Really, it’s a work in progress that won’t be done because of some silly benchmark but because you are committed within to making things better. You won’t make grand leaps but will take baby steps.


You are still having trouble juggling everything and certain things will fall through the cracks. You have to do too much and when you get into that mode, you don’t do anything well. You are happy that you have people who care about you, though. Good people with good hearts and they can help you out of the darkness.

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