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AriesFinally, you work through the worst of your past issues and find a new person to be. The future will hold some challenges, those kinds of changes you wish didn’t occur. Nonetheless, if you can be patient. good things will result. TaurusA perilous journey has you far-flung but doing good for your fellow man. You will want to renovate certain things in your ordinary life and will want to turn over some long held beliefs. Travel is in your future and you are still very close to discovering the thing that will lead to fame and fortune.GeminiYou have much inspiration this month, with a lot of ideas flowing. You wonder how you will deal with an embarrassment of riches – you just have to count your blessings and know that the reason you are where you are is because others have helped you get there. Isn’t it nice to have friends in high places?CancerYou’re feeling like it’s the last straw with a certain someone who just isn’t giving you a break. At the same time, you realize that it won’t be easy living with the truth just yet. It will take others a lot of time to figure out that you’re doing the right thing as most of them will have their own ideas about what you should be doing.Leo You reach a compromise you can live with, even though it isn’t perfect. You will strengthen one relationship while having to let go of another. You will want to make a replacement with a person working or living with you. It will be easy at first, but more difficult later. Virgo An eventful day has you wondering about all the possibilities. You don’t want to act too quickly but you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity. Happiness can elude you – so keep your eye on the prize and don’t waste a single second hemming and hawing; nothing is ever perfect, after all. LibraIt’s all just going so well you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. This time around, however, by some stroke of good luck, the sky’s the limit. Your dreams are almost within your grasp, strange as that may be to comprehend. Sometimes, though, the stars line up in our favor – this is one of those times.ScorpioYou can’t convince someone else of what you know to be true. You just have to hope that things will eventually play out the way you originally planned. People can be deceptive and before you know it, you’re recovering from having been fooled by someone you trusted. Don’t let it keep you from the rest of your life.SagittariusWhile it’s tempting to abandon your responsibilities and find eternal happiness, common sense is necessary in order that things be done in a sane manner. You contribute greatly to an upcoming event, making you next in line for something really big. CapricornYou have reached a new plateau in your emotional development. You’ve been able to let go of something that was gripping you and find new understanding to the whole crazy situation. You know that it won’t make any difference if you get mad about it so perhaps it’s best just to remain zen about the whole thing.AquariusYou aren’t quite sure how to interpret something conveyed or said by someone you know. Words are only words. They can’t do anything, really, except upset you for a short time. You don’t have to let them define who you are. After all, most of the messages we get are from the advertisers anyway. PiscesYou have to let go of pessimism sometimes and let the light in. You find yourself surprisingly adept at certain household tasks after getting some guidance from a knowledgeable source. You are hoping for great things this year – it could be your best ever.

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