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Star Gazing:

How much you give will be how much you get. Don’t push yourself past the point where you can do things well; it will get sloppy. And your work will suffer, not to mention your love life. You worry that you can’t just do things halfway but have to go whole hog. Extremes aren’t the best option this month.


However you get there, it’s more important to remember the journey than it is to feel you’ve arrived. Some big changes coming this year will make you look at your future differently. Everything can be interpreted two ways. Your rainstorm is about to make a beautiful rainbow.


You imagine it’s all going to go in a different direction, but it ends up going your way by some fluke. Don’t pile on too many favors because before you know it, you won’t have time to do anything else. Seek out what is coming as an important but perhaps frustrating gift. Some of the best things in life are free.


You are about to face some changes you weren’t planning for. Life is meant to toss twists and turns our way because otherwise how dull it would be. Feel the benefit of life experience when an elder tosses some valuable advise your way. It is that moment when you think you know everything that you learn you know nothing.


Wisdom comes from the wearing down of arrogance. The more you get knocked down, the stronger you’ll be when you stand up. A stranger changes your perspective and you are amazed at how far you’ve come and what can be measured from that. Don’t fret if you haven’t caught up with someone else, you’ll get there.


How many different ways can you say it before it becomes a reality? If you are feeling stuck, it is better to know why than to pretend like it will magically go away. Take care of yourself. Your health must become a priority. There isn’t room for indulgences and irresponsibility.


Your courage around a certain subject is admirable. Not many people can push through their fears and go through with something so unpredictable. As with most things, leaps of faith of sometimes the only way to go. You can’t get to the really good stuff without chopping away the branches that get in the way.


Don’t be afraid of the unknown. If you trust your reaction, you can take just about anything that comes. Faith in something or someone can also help. It does you no real good to believe in nothing, even if that is your inclination. Seek out and indulge your spiritual side.


Burning the candle at both ends will tire you out and make you dull around the edges. You can’t last long when you’re working that hard. Don’t push past the point where you can take it. You will have nothing left to give. Know your limits.


You feel lucky that you have support when you need it. At the same time, the chaos will take its toll. Find a balance where you aren’t running around like a chicken with your head cut off. It is a complex problem that must be solved. First you may have to cut the ties with your past, a time when it was nothing but chaos.


You look for the purity in things this week and nothing else will do. The more corrupt it is, the more poisoned, the more rotten, the worse it will be for you. Put only good, pure things in your body. Spend time in clean air. Go to the source for the truth. Keep contamination at bay, at least for the next week,


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. You are to be a master juggler this week, handling many things at once. Be careful you don’t get too distracted and drop the ball. On the other hand, don’t turn away from wonderful things that come your way. There is room for all. Patience is a virtue.

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