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Tree of Keys Grows at Lincoln Place:

In order to illustrate the size and scope of the evictions at Lincoln Place, the garden apartment complex of affordable apartments in Venice, some of the evicted tenants created a 24-foot “Holiday Tree” holding 180 keys made of packing materials.   

The Tree of 180 Keys is located at the intersection of California and  Frederick, one block east of Lincoln Boulevard in the Lincoln Place Tent  City in Venice.

180 families received Ellis Act eviction notices in   March, 2005.

On December 6, 58 families at Lincoln Place were locked out of their homes in what L.A. City Councilman Bill Rosendahl described the largest single day eviction in the history of Los Angeles.

The keys are made of packing materials to symbolize the fact that the embattled tenants have had to pack and store their belongings.The owner of the property, AIMCO (American Investment and Management Company) wants to demolish the complex and replace it with condos.

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