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CENTER Stage: Bill Moyers:

at The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, 2/6, 8p.m. If George Bush is like that cheating boyfriend who tells you what you want to hear then does just the opposite, Bill Moyers is that loyal brother you trust to tell you the truth. And while our president proselytizes on “freedom,” Moyers was somehow mysteriously eliminated from his own show (NOW on PBS), under politically questionable circumstances. Like others who have been systematically purged from the media (Dan Rather anyone?), Moyers led the charge of rare journalists who did their duty to the American people by questioning our leaders. Not only would he say our Emperor had no clothes, he’d back it up with alarming facts. It’s ironic that leaders who are notorious for hiding important details from the citizens who employ them (from Enron energy meetings to sources of treasonous leaks) now have the power to spy on our personal lives without warrants. We can only contemplate what kind of probing questions Moyers would have asked about these latest Orwellian activities. Even more important, what alarming facts would he have exposed?

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