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AriesYou are at once crazy and rational at the same time when you are hit with an idea. Broaden your horizons and don’t take anything for granted. It is all going to be rough-going at first but you will get some much-welcomed help in the coming days.TaurusYour family becomes a tighter unit as you get to know people you’ve spent much of your life away from. You are the glue holding everything together, even if sometimes you feel like you’re coming undone. It is your loyalty, smarts and honesty that will get you the farthest.GeminiDon’t see your life as a hostile environment. It’s a lovely space you have, a lovely environment you live in. There is no reason to fear it. You must learn to be comfortable where you are. It isn’t going to be fun to have to always have someone to come in and rescue you.CancerYou feel let down by someone from your past. And at the same time, you feel like things are starting to come apart at the seams. Be happy for what you do have; a great grasp of all that’s important, big picture time. You can argue about all the small details but in the end you know what’s what.Leo A major business transaction has you wondering what in the world you ever did to get yourself in this position. You can’t always tell what you’re getting yourself into but you do feel obliged to help others in need. You can’t keep all of the problems at bay but you can ease the transition. VirgoThe working relationship is getting better but the personal relationship is getting complicated. You must find a way to do what you love rather than devoting yourself to time-wasters. Be aware of the ticking clock – time waits for no one. LibraYou should never lose faith in what you know to be true. Building up trust is the hardest thing to do and you may not ever be totally sure you’re doing the right thing. Man/woman cannot live on bread alone, however. Open your heart to some human touch. ScorpioYou’ll feel a little like there is no other way out but to walk right through the front door. At the same time, there is a sense of urgency telling you that it’s now or never. You have the rest of your life to think about. Which direction will head in? And with whom? SagittariusA surprise is headed your way – one that will make you very very happy. You feel like you could be more useful in a different capacity. You are worried that you may have lost traction with someone you absolutely adore but have now insulted or hurt. Time heals all.CapricornYou can find many different ways to say what you mean. You aren’t always the best with direct responses and sometimes prefer to hedge your bets. But others don’t always know which direction you’re planning on and will feel short-changed if you don’t let them know in advance.AquariusKnow your limits. Half of your challenge this year will be knowing when too much is too much and how much is enough. That feeling of satisfaction is rare but you know it when you feel it. If you keep yourself just under the boiling point you won’t overload.PiscesYou are still in a state of mind where you don’t quite know which end is up. Often a leap of faith is required to get anything worth having. Sometimes you don’t know where you’ll end up, other times you know where you’re going long before you get there but you go anyway. Keep yourself from doing things you’ll regret.

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