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AriesIt is a week for unpredictability. When you think someone will react a certain way, they won’t. Up will be down, right will be left. Looking for opposites and finding similarities, looking for agreement and finding disagreement. Harmony is what you’re after. Try to bring it forth whenever possible.TaurusYou have done much to help others and you’ll feel as though you’ve actually made some significant headway this week. Sometimes good things happen to good people. You are in need of a team player and that is driving you a little bit nuts lately. But on the other hand, you still have a lot of love in your house. GeminiYou have lots of talents and can do just about anything you set your mind to. You have to hurry up and get to it, though, or you might lose your best ideas. You are very lucky in some ways but in other ways, this week, you’ll feel like you can’t do anything and everyone is against you. But fear not, they aren’t.CancerA part of you longs for a different, better time. Another part of you knows that there’s nothing like progress. You have tried your best but perhaps it’s about time to lay down your sword and call it a day. You can only do so much. It’s a long battle uphill from here but not much probability for success.Leo You can work hard or you can set yourself up so that you never have to work again. But you won’t be satisfied until you have fulfilled your burning desire. You will make mistakes, to be sure, but you can recover if you own them. Mistakes are a great way to sharpen your mind and moral code. VirgoYou will be disorganized and things will be slightly chaotic in your inner world. Something is bothering you that you can’t fix. What is ultimately required of you will take an iron will. Do you have what it takes? Yes, you do. You’ll have to surprise even yourself to do so, though. LibraIt isn’t always one way or the other. You can see good and bad sides to one whole. But don’t close doors too soon. There might be something waiting for you inside that you have yet to discover. You are missed by someone who cares greatly for you. You might have to crack open your heart ever so slightly and let them in.ScorpioYour wild streak will rear its ugly head again and get you into all sorts of trouble. Good trouble, bad trouble, you name it. But you can get hold of it all by not trying to hold the reins too tightly. You have a good opportunity coming your way that you won’t want to pass up. SagittariusYou will be forced to dig down deep to come up with the best answer when you’re at a loss as to how to help someone very close to you. It becomes easier to deal with a difficult relative. You will feel like you’ve been doing something all of your life and that’s how you’ll know it’s the right path for you.CapricornYou must not worry and fuss over others. They will find their own ways out of darkness. People have to make their own mistakes and it’s a trade off. You can learn as much from someone who doesn’t agree with you as you can from someone who does. You must find a way to break through a locked door.AquariusAre there any surprises anymore or does your script feel like it’s already been written. There are so many more acts to come, you have no idea. You will go so far you’ll never believe you were ever where you are now. You can’t get there without blood, sweat and tears. You must put it all on the line.PiscesYou are fluid, like water. And there’s little constancy in your life, particularly where love is concerned. You don’t have a good example to follow and therefore are kind of swinging at it without hitting it. You try, though, which is important. You’ll never be perfect. Whomever chooses you has to know that.

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