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AriesGetting the tough stuff over with earlier lightens your load. You can’t cheat time. You think it’s laid out forever but it’s not. It is ever changing, like life. There are no real mistakes, which is going to be the best thing you’ll learn right now. There is no such thing as failure – you are going a different way is all.TaurusWhen you put your mind to it, genius results. You are so good at everything that perhaps you’re not sure exactly what to do. There are so many possibilities, directions, ways to utilize your many talents. Perhaps it in a leadership role that you will find your true calling. GeminiYou can’t always get what you want. But you get what you need. Your wants will be all over the map and some of them not too kosher, if you catch my drift. Your own psyche knows better what essentials are required for a healthy body, healthy mind. You are finding it difficult, lately, to trust people. CancerYou will be filled with memories, some good and some bad. You have to wonder if things are going well or if you can’t possibly take another second. The real question is when are you going to know if too much is enough? Be careful whose dreams you step on when you’re trying to get what you want. Leo Although things have been rough lately, you have to know that the universe has other ideas for your future – some you won’t be expecting. You have that great mind on your shoulders and any conflicts surrounding your relationships or finances will resolve themselves without too much incident. VirgoAlways remember that honesty goes hand in hand with guts. It will take them for you to be able to say what you want to say without fear of reprisal. You only have yourself and your future to fear. Think about it. What are you sacrificing except your own truth. LibraSometimes the futility becomes too much to take. You start wondering if that’s all there is. When those dark clouds roll in, you have to find a way to find the light. You forget to remember what feeds your bliss, but when you do, you can get out of the pain and misery. Don’t give in to the painful stuff just yet.ScorpioYour success will never be defined by what others want from you. Yours will be your own brand. Comparing yourself to others will never bring you fulfillment. Also, bitterness at the path of others will be better served being turned into happiness for them. Practice saying congratulations a lot.SagittariusLately, the now isn’t living up to the then. Does it seem like life was so much better once upon a time? You’ll be pontificating on all sorts of crazy things. You have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Be happy with the riches you have, and no, not in your bank account.CapricornIf it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck and if it sounds like a duck, chances are – it’s a duck. You won’t get anywhere by trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The square peg was born that way. You will only end up feeling more frustrated. Put your energies elsewhere.AquariusStaring at the phone won’t make it ring. Agonizing about your lack of control over something will only perpetuate the worry. You have to break through the wall that prevents one person from opening up to you. It won’t be easy. Find a way to connect. PiscesCertain things are getting more and more depressing. You make dumb mistakes without thinking them through and then you pay for it in many ways. On the other hand, you must not feel like you are without options. You can’t make someone do what they don’t want to do. You have to learn to stand back.

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