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AriesJust in case you might have forgotten someone, remind yourself to tie up some loose ends on the home front. Unresolved feelings, unfinished business – it will become too big to ignore, if you don’t take care of it now. A new attitude is what is needed when rethinking your romantic situation.TaurusWith so many things being turned upside down it’s hard to imagine where we’ll all be in a year. Brainstorming is the only way you’ll make progress where a certain institution is stuck. You can’t control other people hell bent on making their own mistakes. Try to figure out how to bridge the gap with your “enemies.”GeminiSomething someone said bothers you to the point where you figure you need to make changes. Somehow, the truth will find its way in. You must forget and forgive the layers of crap being heaped upon you all of these years. Get yourself out from underneath all of that. Travel light.CancerYou can’t fix other people, only how you relate to them. Remember – as long as they are the ones with problems you won’t have to look at your own. If you keep avoiding your own, you will have to wade through piles of other people’s baggage, in a vain attempt to help them make their lives work. Not good.Leo A milestone has just slipped by and you find yourself missing someone who was irreplaceable. At the same time, you feel some guilt for going on with your life. The guilt you feel, however, is healthy but unnecessary. Life is for the living. VirgoSo many good things coming all at once. Fix your schedule so that you aren’t rushing around at the last minute trying to solve things. You want more from someone than he or she is able to give, and no matter how hard you try to stuff the round shape into the square hole it ain’t going to fit. . LibraYou drag your potential behind you like a shadow. You want to become one with it yet you feel that’s impossible. The only way to live up to what you know you are able to do is to fail now and fail hard. Out of the ashes, great beauty will grow. You must face your deepest fears.ScorpioLetting go of the past will make way for new memories. You have a wonderful foundation and you shouldn’t worry about the big picture. You fear you can never again reach certain past heights. Those highs and lows come and go – as long as you don’t dwell in the extremes. Sagittarius It’s time to take extreme measures or else abandon the project. You can’t stay in limbo forever. You will walk away with nothing and having wasted much of your time. Do not waste any more. Be specific about what you want and be willing to fight for it. Listen to that nagging voice for once.CapricornYou are doing a good job despite it all, but you may be coming on too strong in one case. You might want to back off a little when you feel your temper flare. The worst thing you can teach is that it’s okay to lose your temper and go crazy; once in a while maybe, but in the long run, a better option is preferable. AquariusYou are going to have to start all over again with a certain thing or relationship. What is over is over. There is no reviving the dead horse. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is – and it doesn’t matter who got it worse – just move on, be done with it. Have the courage to let go.PiscesYou are cobbling back together something you lost. What you are beginning to understand is that your fears keep you from doing things you want and have to do – you will find something wrong and abandon ship before it ever even gets going. Matters are made worse now because you’ve been so badly hurt. Hang in there.

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