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Resident Speaks:

Several dozen residents expressed their displeasure with the City’s “Shape the Future 2025 Draft Alternatives” at last week’s City Council meeting. One of the sharpest critiques follows: “Good evening. My name is Emmalie Hodgin and I am a 50-year resident of Santa Monica.I am particularly concerned that this staff report does not indicate how many additional residents and/or workers each scenario would bring to the city, and what the trade-offs would be. The concepts still call for too much development and density.The process is indeed flawed, as stated by the Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City in their letter, because the alternatives suggested do not even attempt to reflect the repeated views of residents.You know what we want and why we want it. But I don’t think you have any intentions of giving it. We do not have the technology, the money, nor the power that you have as a group. But we do have “common sense,” and City Hall needs to stop insulting us. You will build up, down, and all around. But it will still bring density that adds to closed spaces and increased traffic.Concerning the “study sessions” to further “acquaint” us with the “new” alternatives – forget it!It reminds me of a banquet where a large piece of meat is presented and is refused because it is spoiled and NOT ACCEPTABLE. It’s taken back, chopped up into small pieces, placed among a lot of vegetables, spices, and wine vinegar, and presented again as a “gourmet dish.” But it is still spoiled and NOT ACCEPTABLE – something you don’t want to be “re-acquainted” with.Santa Monica is solidly made and built out. We don’t need extensions, we simply need maintenance, house cleaning, renovations, and to get rid of hired help who don’t listen to the taxpayers of the city (who pay the bills).That’s common sense. Try it. We would like it.(See “Council Calls for New Tack,” page 1)

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