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Farmers’ Market Report: In Season Now:

Fava BeansA spring favorite. These large pods contain several beans wrapped in a protective jacket. Boil them briefly then slip them out of their skins. The brilliant green favas have a delicate earthy taste that is perfect alone or as an addition to practically anything.Page, Lee, Pixie, Tom’s Terrific, Perfection Tangerines. Now that the early Satsumas are almost gone, several new varieties of tangerines are avaible at several stands. They vary in ease of peeling and seediness, but all are outstanding for flavor. Miner’s LettuceForaged in the foothills of Sequoia National Park in Three Rivers, this is a long-stemmed, flat leafed wild lettuce traditionally gathered by mountain folk. It has a delicate, mineral-rich flavor and is one of this season’s shortest-lived crops. CherimoyaGenerally an irregular shaped green tropical fruit with an imposing, scale-like skin that softens like an avodado when ready to eat. The flesh inside is sweet, white and custard-like and contains several large black seeds.

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