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AriesYou will find yourself on the shorter end of a long entanglement and will feel the need to wriggle free. A journey from afar brings delight into your life. Learn to leave the past behind and learn how to embrace the future. Leave behind the emotional vampires who sap your energy. TaurusYou feel someone else’s pain and you can’t understand why there is so much confusion – why things are given and then taken away. You have a nice surprise coming — one you couldn’t have predicted. You will mine a certain source for info and learn what you need to complete a project. GeminiWith a new year well underway, you’re going to be taking inventory of all of the nice things that have happened to you. The worst thing you can do is dwell on the misery of what has been the past. You must move beyond it. You have a present and a future waiting for you to let go. So what are you waiting for?CancerDo not be intimidated by what has come before – you have just as much right to break new ground as those whose shoes you fill. Change is a horrible thing to adapt to, especially when you’re still in recovery mode. We all had better make good friends with it, though, as it is the only constant we will ever know.Leo A shift in a relationship causes a shift in roles. Weak becomes strong, serious becomes funny, cold becomes hot, confusing becomes clear. A brand new challenge is headed your way that you weren’t expecting. You will need a lot of momentum to get this thing going. VirgoYou can’t find what you’re looking for if you never venture outward. Figure out your goals and work through them very carefully. You will be sorry when you realize the effect your words has on someone more sensitive than you were. But you can mend it with something kind and sweet. LibraDespite the hard shell coating, you really have a big heart underneath, which most people don’t get about you. When you let yourself really be loved there’s nothing better in life. But it’s often easier to remain self-reliant because then nobody can let you down. ScorpioYou are feeling the pressure of having just too much to do. You feel pushed in too many directions at once and you can’t quite get a grip. You have to be who you are and those who don’t like it should abandon ship. Get rid of a needy person who is sapping your energy.SagittariusYou can’t believe how good things are lately. You don’t have to beg or even ask for what you want but have it right in front you. You prefer those people who aren’t as easily put off by regular old human things, like mistakes and warts and all. You must find acceptance, either way you slice it.CapricornYou can’t find your way back once you’re lost. You want to be found. Keep yourself at a place where you are still accessible. If you burn too many bridges you won’t have a way back out once you decide you don’t want to be isolated anymore. Be careful of your hot-headed temper. Can’t put the genie back in the bottle.AquariusYou don’t want to take credit for the good thing you did but would rather shift it in someone else’s direction. But it’s time for you to claim what’s rightfully yours. You must in fact, be selfish for a change. You won’t look back once you come into your own. PiscesYou must find a way to hold back when you feel like ripping someone’s head off. It’s not wise to proceed that way. You tempt more flies with honey than vinegar, as a very wise woman once said. Passion is one thing, insanity something else entirely. Take a deep breath and be good.

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