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AriesJuggling activities will have you at sixes and sevens if you’re not careful. You will need some sweet relief when it’s all over with. You will also be challenged by too many things to do all at once. Set boundaries, that will help you set limits.Taurus Focus is on money and on convincing some people to learn to live outside of the bounds of denial. You will feel a bit like doing nothing as the weekend rolls around, even though you know you never really get a good long break, which is what you’re craving. The best things come true when you wish for them.GeminiA communication with someone has you feeling all giddy. Is it all good? It should be. Your health and mental well being will be the key for the week. Think positively and you will make great strides with you desired adventure. You need some time to yourself to get some peace in your life. CancerDo not overthink things. If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck – it probably is a duck. Trying to make it into a swan will only waste your precious time. You will have finances on the brain and will do your best to balance things out. But don’t fear the unknown where the opposite sex is concerned.Leo You will be reminded what is good about your life this week and why you surround yourself with the people you do; they get what you’re all about. Don’t waste time with people who don’t know you. You have to worry harder about the ones who have perhaps a darker side than you’re used to. VirgoGetting in contact with someone old, figuring out things with someone new – it will be about your personal connections this week. You will build bridges between worlds and cross boundaries with strangers in an effort to connect. Keep your options open when someone corners you into a decision. LibraYou will be feeling the love from all sides this week. You can’t completely leave the job yet you can’t really stay. You’re stuck in between doing what you have to do and doing what you want to do. In matters of the heart you will need to extend trust in order to get anywhere. So what else is new.ScorpioYou will take a divergent road off the beaten path and find a way to discover something long lost. It will be a better you, however, when you get rid of some excess baggage. You will be delighted at the solutions you find to complex problems when you open yourself up to suggestions.SagittariusYou will use up what you have saved if you don’t use it sparingly. You have some serious damage to a relationship that will need to be repaired. Venture forward before falling back into your old habits. You’ll find a beneficial lesson in the oddest of places. CapricornPractice much patience. You will want to lose your mind with fury but hold your tongue more often than not. You will also have to find a way to make the expenses not so tight every month. You are better at thinking ahead than hustling around at the last minute to get everything done. AquariusYou’ll have to be more direct if you expect results. You can’t mince words or dance around the topic – just say what you feel, straight up. Most people can take care of themselves and frankly, if they’re that sensitive then you don’t want them around anyway. Time to stop cheating yourself.PiscesYou are never as out of it as you think you are. You have more to offer than you ever did. You can value what you have or you can always yearn for more. But it won’t change the reality of time moving forward. Go after what you want and take no prisoners.

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