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AriesThere is a clearing through the fog. Don’t fear the urge for change. You just need to find the right words. Momentum will build over the weekend, leading up to something exciting and challenging by mid-week. Don’t sweat the small stuff.TaurusIt’s a time for small and big changes. Your tolerance for a co-worker is strained when there is a distinct class of ideals. You find you miss your old friends a lot more than you ever thought you would. Be patient with someone who is driving you crazy. GeminiYou get a distinct ego boost when someone give you a good, long look. At least you know you still got it when it counts. You surprise yourself over the weekend with a confession. A stranger lends a helping hand when it appears that all is suddenly lost.CancerYou’ll be looking for some charm and good luck when you go head to head with someone near and dear. You’ll get your courage back once you realize you’re simply moving just that much closer to your goal. Leo Your weekend will be full of worry and fretting. But in the end, you’ll get by with a little good advice from a trusted friend. Do not make the mistake of believing that you always know what’s best; keep your mind and heart open to the possibilities of other people’s ideas. VirgoSituations become messy and complicated before you find a way out. What has been more frustrating is how you’ve broken an invisible line of trust with someone, one you fear you’ll never repair. With each new day comes new maturity, however. LibraYou’ll speak softly but carry a big stick over the weekend. Put your heart, mind and body together on one team to get her done. You have a kind of silly magic working itself on you. The magic won’t last – seize the moment.ScorpioA new face brings some new ideas. And influence can be a great thing. Focus on integrating variety in all that you do, and in every room of the house. Give more than you take away when asked to attend an event. SagittariusWe can’t fix the memories that haunt us from our past; we can only hope that in time they grow more faint, less visceral. Remember, the little things bring happiness – the face of someone you love, a perfect apple pie, the way the sun looks just before it retires. CapricornA brief escape makes you feel more like life is getting back to normal. But don’t be fooled; unless we solve our conflicts up front they will fester and irritate. Your guilt is preventing you from doing the right thing.AquariusYou like doing what you do best, which is to contribute YOUR WAY. Your generosity is appreciated, even when it seems like it isn’t. Watch out for excesses – don’t let yourself go wild with consumption.PiscesDo you trust your instincts? They seem to be leading you down a certain path, beckoning you with someone much better on down the road while the frightened child within wants to stay right where you are, afraid to move forward, afraid to upset the apple cart.

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