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The Beach Gourmet: Coffee Becomes Eclectic:

Visiting the Unurban Coffeehouse in Santa Monica is something of a multifarious experience in and of itself. Like a cross between Alice in Wonderland and Salvador Dali’s dreams, this alluring coffee “home” is all of that and more. Apart from one of the finest mugs of joe outside of a Columbian cartel, this little “home on the Pico” is a cornucopia of eats, meets and entertainment doubling as a gallery for some darn fine local artists.The décor is sylvan rather than sophisticated, with an ample supply of visual inspiration. Patrons need not expect meticulous decorum from the staff here, as familiarity is the habitude for this counter-service establishment. “Hey, your eggs are ready” is a curiously acceptable proclamation (Wouldn’t you love to hear that up the street at Valentino’s?). If you are really illustrious, they might even bring it to you!The staff has an air of New Age travelers-in-residence about them, while the dishes are simple, homey and reliable. Breakfast is served all day (thank the Lord), the delicious Egg Jumble being a favorite (eggs, onions, garlic, basil, tomato and parmesan cheese). The menu is laced with just enough variety ranging from bagels with cream cheese to a good ol’ turkey chili. Also available is an array of rotating soups (dependent, I am informed, upon when Pam, the owner, feels like cooking up a cauldron). There is a mishmash of entertainment presented, including a poetry open mic on Wednesday evenings (indigestion optional), a rather casual comedy night on Thursdays and the a cool open mic on Fridays. Saturdays feature several passable to brilliant musical performers in the evening.So whether you need a caffeine jolt (refreshingly available in only large or small, as opposed to the irritatingly confusing trend of “grande,” “petit” or “massive”), simple sustenance topped with visual stimuli or a moment of tranquil serenity, the “Death before Decaf” Unurban Coffeehouse could well be your prescription. Unurban Coffee House 3301 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica CA 90405 310.315.0056

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